PD 6678:2005

PD 6678:2005

Guide to the specification of masonry mortar

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : December 2005



PD 6678:2005 is intended to provide a framework by which the quality of mortar made on site can be guaranteed and by which specifiers of site made mortars can provide requirements that are consistent with the principles of BS EN 998 and the code of practice for use of masonry mortar, BS 5628.

BS EN 998 provides both prescriptive and design approaches to factory made mortar, but does not cover site made mortar. However, the scopes of BS EN 998-1 and BS EN 998-2 permit the use of national codes of practice or specifications for site made mortars.

Therefore, this guide has been written as the United Kingdom's code of practice for specifying both designed and prescriptive site made mortar.

Standard NumberPD 6678:2005
TitleGuide to the specification of masonry mortar
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date30 December 2005
Confirm Date01 November 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS EN 13139, BS 3177, BS EN 1015-1, BS EN 1015-18, BS EN 1015-11, BS EN 934-3, BS EN 1015-4, BS 6100, BS EN 459-1, BS EN 1015-10, BS EN 1015-6, BS EN 1015-3, BS EN 1015-17, BS EN 1015-2, BS EN 1015-9, BS EN 1008, BS EN 1015-7, BS EN 13055-1, BS 8500-2:2002, BS 5628-3:2005, BS EN 998-2:2003, BS 5628-1:2005, BS 5628-2:2005
Informative References(Provided for Information)89/106/EEC, PD 6682-4, PD 6682-3, BS 5703, PD 6472:1974, BS EN 197-4:2004, BS EN 12878:1999, BS EN 1745:2002, BS EN 197-1:2000, BS EN 450-1:2005, BS 6699:1992, BS 4551-1:1998, BS 5838-2:1980, BS EN 413-1:2004, BS 4721:1981, BS 4551:2005, BS 4027:1996, BS 7979:2001, BS EN 1052-3:2002
ReplacesPD 6472:1974
DescriptorsMaterials handling, Thermal properties of materials, Cement and concrete technology, Quality control, Surface properties, Chemical properties, Mechanical properties of materials, Packaging, Mixing, Compressive strength, Performance, Mortars, Composition, Quality, Physical properties of materials, Storage, Specifications, Construction materials
ISBN0 580 46720 1
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