BS EN 60726:2003 - Dry-type power transformers

BS EN 60726:2003

Dry-type power transformers

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : August 2003 Replaced By : BS EN 60076-11:2004

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Specifies requirements for dry-type power transformers (including auto-transformers) having values of highest voltage for equipment up to and including 36 kV. The following small and special dry-type transformers are not covered by this standard: -instrument transformers (covered by IEC 60185 and 60186); -transformers for static convertors (covered by IEC 60084, 60119 and 60146). Where IEC standards do not exist for other special transformers, this standard may be applicable as a whole or in part.

Standard NumberBS EN 60726:2003
TitleDry-type power transformers
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date20 August 2003
Withdrawn Date01 July 2007
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Replaced ByBS EN 60076-11:2004
ReplacesBS 7806:1995
International RelationshipsEN 60726:2003,IEC 60726:1982
DescriptorsTesting conditions, Fire safety, Working conditions (physical), Lightning, Installation, Impulse-voltage tests, Electrical insulation, Cooling, Safety devices, Power transformers, Rated voltage, Temperature rise, Classification systems, Climate, Electric discharges, Enclosures, Measurement, Ordering, Dry-type transformers, Rated power, Frequencies, Reports, Transformers, Identification methods
Title in FrenchTransformateurs de puissance de type sec
Title in GermanTrockentransformatoren
ISBN0 580 42457 X
File Size2.115 MB

*To ask about withdrawn titles contact the
Customer Relations, +44 345 086 9001
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