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BS ISO 15392:2008

Sustainability in building construction. General principles

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : July 2008 Replaced By : BS ISO 15392:2019

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With the growing importance of sustainable development, the strategies for addressing sustainability in building construction are essentially local and differ in context and content from region to region. These strategies will reflect the context, the preconditions and the priorities and needs, not only in the built environment, but also in the social environment. This social environment includes social equity, cultural issues, traditions, heritage issues, human health and comfort, social infrastructure and safe and healthy environments. It may, in addition, particularly in developing countries, include poverty reduction, job creation, access to safe, affordable and healthy shelter, and loss of livelihoods.

This international standard on sustainability in building construction identifies and establishes general principles for sustainability in building construction. It is based on the concept of sustainable development as it applies to the life cycle of buildings and other construction works, from their inception to the end of life.

BS ISO 15392 is applicable to buildings and other construction works individually and collectively, as well as to the materials, products, services and processes related to the life cycle of buildings and other construction works.

The building and construction sector is highly important for sustainable development because:

  • It is a key sector in national economies
  • It has a significant interface with poverty reduction through the basic economic and social services provided in the built environment and the potential opportunities for the poor to be engaged in construction, operation and maintenance
  • It is one of the single largest industrial sectors and, while providing value and employment, it absorbs considerable resources, with consequential impacts on economic and social conditions and the environment
  • It creates the built environment, which represents a significant share of the economic assets of individuals, organizations and nations, providing societies with their physical and functional environment
  • It has considerable opportunity to show improvement relative to its economic, environmental and social impacts.

BS ISO 15392 establishes internationally recognized principles for sustainability in building construction and establishes a common basis for communication of the information required. Interested parties, such as product manufacturers and designers will then be able to provide information. Such information can then be communicated internationally and to a wide range of target audiences, extending from policy makers and regulators to manufacturers, building owners and consumers.

The aim of BS ISO 15392 is to set out the objectives for sustainability in building construction and from these derives general principles. This International Standard forms the basis for deriving evaluation criteria and indicators for the assessment of the contribution of buildings to sustainable development, and it enables decision makers to apply the principles in their decision making.

BS ISO 15392 does not provide levels (benchmarks) that can serve as the basis for sustainability claims.  It is also not intended to provide the basis for assessment of organizations or other stakeholders.

Standard NumberBS ISO 15392:2008
TitleSustainability in building construction. General principles
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date31 July 2008
Withdrawn Date12 December 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO/TS 21929-1, ISO 6707-1:2004, ISO 14050
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 14001, ISO 15686-6, ISO 15686-1, ISO 14040, ISO 9000, ISO 9000:2005, ISO/TR 21932, ISO 26000, ISO Guide 64, ISO 15686-8, ISO/TS 21931-1, ISO 14000, ISO 14025, ISO 14021:1999, ISO 14031:1999, ISO 21930:2017, ISO 15686-5:2017
Replaced ByBS ISO 15392:2019
International RelationshipsISO 15392:2008
Draft Superseded By06/30084693 DC
DescriptorsEnvironmental engineering, Sustainability, Buildings, Construction works, Environmental management, Life (durability), Construction engineering works, Economic development, Sustainable development, Construction
Title in FrenchDéveloppement durable dans la construction. Principes généraux
Title in GermanNachhaltiges Bauen. Allgemeine Grundsätze
ISBN978 0 580 53687 8
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