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BS EN 14475:2006

Execution of special geotechnical works. Reinforced fill

Status : Current   Published : October 2006



BS EN 14475:2006 establishes general principles for the construction of reinforced fill.

This European Standard covers engineered fills that are reinforced by the inclusion of horizontal or subhorizontal reinforcement placed between layers of fill during construction.

The scope of reinforced fill applications considered in this European Standard includes:

  • earth retaining structures, (vertical, battered or inclined walls, bridge abutments, bulk storage facilities), with a facing to retain fill placed between the reinforcing layers
  • reinforced steep slopes with a facing, either built-in or added or wrap-around, reinforced shallow slopes without a facing, but covered by some form of erosion protection without a facing, reinstatement of failed slopes
  • embankments with basal reinforcement and embankments with reinforcement against frost heave in the upper part.

Principles for the execution of other special geotechnical works using soil nails, bored piles, displacement piles, micro piles, sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls, grouting or jet grouting are established in other European Standards.

Reinforcement of road pavements is not covered by this standard.

Standard NumberBS EN 14475:2006
TitleExecution of special geotechnical works. Reinforced fill
Publication Date31 October 2006
Confirm Date01 July 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 10218-2, EN ISO 10320, ISO 10320:1999, EN 10080, ISO 898-1:1999, ISO 1461:1999, EN 10025-2, EN 10025-4, ISO 13431:1999, EN ISO 1461, EN 12225, EN 12224, EN 10079, ENV ISO 10722-1, EN 10245-2, EN 10245-1, EN ISO 12957-1, EN ISO 898-1, EN 10223-3, EN ISO 13431, EN 10218-1, EN 10245-3, EN 10223-4, ISO 12957-1:2005, ISO 10722-1:1998, EN 206-1, EN 13251, EN 10244-1, EN 1991, EN 10244-2, EN 1990, EN ISO 2063, EN 1997-1, EN 1992-1-1, ISO 2063:2005, EN 10326
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 8006, EN 771-3, EN 12447, NF P 94-220, ISO 10318:2005,

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