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BS EN 1434-3:2008

Heat Meters. Data exchange and interfaces

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : February 2009 Replaced By : BS EN 1434-3:2015

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BS EN 1434-3:2008 Heat Meters. Data exchange and interfaces

BS EN 1434-3 specifies the data exchange between a heat meter and a readout device (POINT / POINT communication). For these applications using the optical readout head, the EN 62056-21 protocol is recommended.

For direct or remote local readout of a single or a few meters via a battery driven readout device, the physical layer of EN 13757-6 (local bus) is recommended.

For bigger networks with up to 250 meters, a master unit with AC mains supply according to EN 13757-2 is necessary to control the M-Bus. For these applications the physical and link layer of EN 13757-2 and the application layer of EN 13757-3 is required.

For wireless meter communications, EN 13757-4 describes several alternatives of walk/drive by readout via a mobile station or by using stationary receivers or a network. Both unidirectionally and bidirectionally transmitting meters are supported by this standard.

Contents of BS EN 1434-3:

  • Foreword
  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Meter interfaces and protocols overview
  • Physical layer
  • Link layer
  • Application layer
  • Application
  • Recommendation for heat meter test interface
  • Additional information for heat meters
  • Automatic protocol detection and wake-up for the optical interface
  • Usage of heat meters in control applications
  • Bibliography


Standard NumberBS EN 1434-3:2008
TitleHeat Meters. Data exchange and interfaces
StatusRevised, Superseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date28 February 2009
Withdrawn Date31 December 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 13757-1, EN 13757-2:2004, EN 13757-3:2004, EN 13757-4:2005, EN 13757-5, EN 13757-6, EN 62056-21:2002, IEC 62056-21:2002
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Replaced ByBS EN 1434-3:2015
ReplacesBS EN 1434-3:1997
International RelationshipsEN 1434-3:2008
Draft Superseded By07/30076185 DC
DescriptorsHeat-measuring instruments, Meters, Heat measurement, Heat exchangers, Heat pipes, Data recording, Interfaces (data processing), Instrumentation recording, Data transfer, Information exchange, Data transmission, Bus networks, Capacitance, Electronic equipment and components, Designations, Coding (data conversion), Data layout, Graphic representation, Circuits, Electrical testing
Title in FrenchCompteurs d'énergie thermique. Echange de données et interfaces
Title in GermanWärmezähler. Datenaustausch und Schnittstellen
ISBN978 0 580 63495 6
File Size412.8 KB

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