BS EN 60684-2:1997, IEC 60684-2:1997 - Flexible insulating sleeving. Methods of test

BS EN 60684-2:1997, IEC 60684-2:1997

Flexible insulating sleeving. Methods of test

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : December 1997 Replaced By : BS EN 60684-2:2011

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Methods of test for sleeving including heat shrinkable sleeving, intended primarily for insulating conductors and connections of electrical apparatus.

Standard NumberBS EN 60684-2:1997, IEC 60684-2:1997
TitleFlexible insulating sleeving. Methods of test
StatusRevised, Superseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date15 December 1997
Withdrawn Date01 September 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60684-3, ISO 2921:1982, EN ISO 105, HD 559.1 S1:1991, ISO 3261:1975, IEC 60216-4-2:2000, HD 437 S1:1984, EN 20105-A02:1994, ISO 1431-1:1989, ISO 5-4:1995, IEC 60754-2:1991, IEC 60587:1984, ISO 37:1994, ISO 4589-3:1996, IEC 60695-6-30:1996, HD 602 S1:1992, ISO 5-3:1995, IEC 60754-1:1994, IEC 60216-4-1:1990, ISO 5-2:1991, IEC 60589:1977, ISO 105-B01:1994, HD 380 S2:1987, EN ISO 4589-3:1996, IEC 60216-4-2:2003, HD 523.3, ISO 5-1:1984, IEC 60068-2-20:1979, ISO 974:1980, HD 429 S1:1983, IEC 60216, ISO 62:1980, ISO 105-A02:1993, IEC 60093:1980, ISO 182-1:1990, HD 611, IEC 60426:1973, HD 323.2.20 S3:1988, IEC 60212:1971, ISO 105, EN 60216-4-2:2000, IEC 60243-1:1988, HD 381 S1:1979, HD 611.4.1 S1:1992, IEC 60250:1969, ISO 182-2:1990, ISO 4589-2-2:1994, EN 20105
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60068-2, IEC 60216-2:1990, IEC 60304:1982, IEC 60068-2-10:1988
Replaced ByBS EN 60684-2:2011
ReplacesBS 6893-2:1987, IEC 60684-2:1984
International RelationshipsEN 60086-4:2000,EN 60684-2:1997/A2:2005,IEC 60684-2:1997/AMD2:2005,IEC 61249-2-37:2008
Amended ByAMD 14655
Amendment, July 2006; Amendment, November 2003
Draft Superseded By02/203262 DC
DescriptorsGroup VIIb elements, Permittivity measurement, Error correction, Stability, Electrical insulation, Thermal testing, Stain tests, Soldering, Ozone, Solid electrical insulating materials, Thermal stability, Accuracy, Thermal resistance, Heat ageing tests, Deformation, Heating tests, Diameter measurement, Breakdown voltage, Determination of content, Dissipation factor, Fire tests, Volatile matter determination, Visual inspection (testing), Fraying tests, Tear tests, Tensile testing, Colour-fastness tests, Test specimens, Smoke, Tension set, Corrosion tests, Elongation, Hydrolytic resistance, Electrical resistivity, Testing conditions, Loading, Splitting tests, Resistance measurement, Mechanical testing, Electrical insulating materials, Silver, Flexible materials, Electrical testing, Toxicity, Storage, Thickness measurement, Cable sheaths, Transparency, Flexibility, Chemical-resistance tests, Bend testing, Sleeving (electrical), Test equipment
Title in FrenchGaines isolantes souples. Methodes d'essai
Title in GermanIsolierschlaeuche. Pruefverfahren
ISBN0 580 28498 0
File Size1.323 MB

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