BS 8401:2003 - Health informatics standards.Status as of July 2001. Guide – BSI British Standards

BS 8401:2003

Health informatics standards.Status as of July 2001. Guide

Status : Withdrawn   Published : November 2003

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This British Standard gives guidance on the most important health informatics standards (and equivalent publications) in use in, or appropriate for use in, the UK. The scope of this guide is limited to those standards and publications approved by 9 July 2001. It deals only with standards (either approved or in course of development) developed specifically for use in healthcare. For example, even though lower-layer communications standards are widely used in health, their use is more or less exactly the same as in fields other than health, and they are therefore omitted. Conversely, where a standard has been developed specifically for use in healthcare – even though the standard is of more general applicability – it has been included.

This guide is intended to be of use to:

  • procurers of systems incorporating health informatics standards
  • implementers of such systems
  • suppliers of such systems
  • those responsible for selecting and approving health informatics standards, e.g. NHS Information Standards Boards.

It is also intended to be of use to:

  • standards developers
  • policy makers
  • consultants
  • those with an interest in the development of health informatics standards.

Standard NumberBS 8401:2003
TitleHealth informatics standards.Status as of July 2001. Guide
Publication Date28 November 2003
Confirm Date01 November 2008
Withdrawn Date02 August 2013
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)CR 12069:1995, CR 12161:1995, CR 12587:1996, CR 12700:1997, CR 13058:1997, CR 1350:1993, CR 13694:1999, CR 14300:2001, ENV 12017:1997, ENV 12264:1997, ENV 12381:1996, ENV 12443:1999, ENV 12537, ENV 12610:1997, ENV 12611:1997, ENV 1614:1995, ENV 1064:1993, ENV 1068:1993, ENV 12018:1997, ENV 12052:1997, ENV 12251:2000, ENV 12265:1995, ENV 12388:1996, ENV 12435:1999, ENV 12435:1999, ENV 12538:1997, ENV 12539:1997, ENV 12612:1997, ENV 12623:1997, ENV 12922, ENV 12924:1997, ENV 13728:1999, ENV 13729:1999, ENV 13730, ENV 13734:1999, ENV 13735:1999, ENV 1387:1996, ENV 13939:2000, ENV 13940:2000, ENV 1613:1995, ENV 1828:1995, ENV 1867:1997, ETG 068, ETG 075, IEEE 1073:1995, IEEE 1157, ISO/DIS 17113:2001, ISO/DIS 17120, ISO/DTR 18307:2001, ISO WD 18308:2001, ISO 11073, ISO/DIS 18812:2001, ISO/DTS 17117, ENV 12967, ISO WD 17090, ISO WD 18104:2001, ISO WD 21549, ISO/IEC WDTS 21667:2001, ISO/IEC DISP 15127, ISO/IEC ISP 15128, ISO/IEC WD 20301:2001, ISO/IEC WD 20302:2001, prENV 12052:2002, ACR/NEMA, ASTM E1394-97, HL7 CDA, HL7 Version 2, HL7 Version 3, ENV 13606, ENV 13607:1999, ENV 13608, E
Draft Superseded By02/653351 DC
DescriptorsMedical sciences, Data processing, Health services, Information exchange, Medical equipment
ISBN0 580 42772 2
File Size626.5 KB
NotesThis standard has been withdrawn as the standard is no longer relevant

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Customer Relations, +44 345 086 9001
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