BS EN 60368-4:2001, IEC 60368-4:2000 - Piezoelectric filters. Sectional specification. Capability approval

BS EN 60368-4:2001, IEC 60368-4:2000

Piezoelectric filters. Sectional specification. Capability approval

Status : Current   Published : June 2001



Specifies the requirements of enamelled round copper winding wire of class 180 with a dual coating. The underlying coating is based on polyester or polyesterimide resin, which may be modified providing it retains the chemical identity of the original resin and meets all specified wire requirements. The superimposed coating is based on polyamide resin. Class 180 is a thermal class that requires a minimum temperature index of 180 and a heat shock temperature of at least 200°C. The temperature in degrees Celsius corresponding to the temperature index is not necessarily that at which it is recommended that the wire be operated and this will depend on many factors, including the type of equipment involved. The range of nominal conductor diameters covered by this standard is as follows: - grade 1: 0,050 mm up to and including 3,150 mm; - grade 2: 0,050 mm up to and including 5,000 mm; - grade 3: 0,250 mm up to and including 1,600 mm. The nominal conductor diameters are specified in Clause 4 of IEC 60317-0-1. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are listed below: - new requirements for appearance, Subclause 3.2, added; - breakdown voltage values, former Table 3, replaced with a reference to IEC 60317-0-1; - new pin hole test, Clause 23, added.

Standard NumberBS EN 60368-4:2001, IEC 60368-4:2000
TitlePiezoelectric filters. Sectional specification. Capability approval
Publication Date15 June 2001
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
ReplacesBS EN 167100:1996
International RelationshipsEN 60368-4:2000,EN 60368-4:2000/corrigendum Fe,IEC 60317-22:2004
Draft Superseded By98/232077 DC
DescriptorsEnvironmental testing, Performance, Detail specification, Approval testing, Piezoelectric devices, Electronic equipment and components, Acceptance (approval), Quality assurance, Electric filters, Quality assurance systems, Capability approval, Assessed quality, Ratings, Crystal filters, Electromechanical filters, Performance testing, Electrical testing, Qualification approval
Title in FrenchFiltres piezoelectriques sous assurance de la qualite. Specification intermediaire. Agrement de savoir-faire
Title in GermanPiezoelektrische Filter mit bewerteter Qualitaet. Rahmenspezifikation. Befaehigungsanerkennung
ISBN0 580 37211 1
File Size531 KB

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