BS 4123:1967 - Schedule of preferred chemical indicators

BS 4123:1967

Schedule of preferred chemical indicators

Status : Withdrawn   Published : January 1967

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Provides a preferred series of indicators for use in chemical analysis. Sections for pH, metal (pM), redox, adsorption, miscellaneous indicators and those for non-aqueous titrations. Index lists well-known alternative names.

Standard NumberBS 4123:1967
TitleSchedule of preferred chemical indicators
Publication Date30 January 1967
Withdrawn Date15 May 1988
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Draft Superseded ByD65/9296 DC
DescriptorsChemical indicators, Chemical reagents, Redox indicators, Acid-alkali indicators, Metal indicators, Non-aqueous indicators, Adsorption indicators, Colour, pH, Bromocresol green, Cresol, Bromocresol purple, Bromophenol blue, Bromothymol blue, Cresol red, Aminoazobenzene, Azo compounds, Methyl compounds, Phenol, Nitro compounds, Methyl orange, Methyl red, Dithizone, Naphthols, Phenolphthalein, Phenol red, Thymol blue, Thymolphthalein, Fluorescein, Fluorescent indicators, Sulfonate compounds, Sulfonic acids, Catechol, Naphthalene, Sodium organic compounds, Ammonium inorganic compounds, Pyridyl-azo-2-naphthol, Alizarin, Anthraquinone dyes, Dyes, Colours technology, Benzene, Arsenic organic compounds, Xylenol, p-Naphtholbenzein, Phenyl compounds, Aniline, Hydrochloride salts, Quinoline, Ethyl compounds, Iodides, Phenanthroline, Diphenylamine, Ferric inorganic compounds, Sulfates, Benzyl compounds, Rhodamines, Methylene blue, Potassium inorganic compounds, Chromates, Starches, Chlorides, Eriochrome black T, Naphthoic acid
Title in FrenchTableau des indicateurs chimiques preferes
Title in GermanBevorzugte chemische Indikatoren. Uebersicht
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