BS 3156-2:1968 - Analysis of fuel gases. Special determinations

BS 3156-2:1968

Analysis of fuel gases. Special determinations

Status : Withdrawn   Published : March 1968

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Deals with the determination of minor constituents, such as sulphur compounds, benzole, gum, tar, ammonia, naphthalene, water vapour, cyanide and carbonyls, as well as the assessment of odour.

Standard NumberBS 3156-2:1968
TitleAnalysis of fuel gases. Special determinations
Publication Date29 March 1968
Withdrawn Date15 June 1991
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Amended ByAMD 512
AMD 120
Draft Superseded By66/26692 DC
DescriptorsFuels, Gas analysis, Gaseous fuels, Chemical analysis and testing, Coal products, Gases, SI system (metric), Coal gas, Water gas, Town gas, Natural gas, Manufactured gas, Determination of content, Sulfur, Sulfur inorganic compounds, Sulfur organic compounds, Hydrogen sulfide, Carbon disulfide, Carbonyl compounds (inorganic), Sulfides, Thiols, Thiophene, Gravimetric analysis, Volumetric analysis, Test equipment, Dimensions, Colour tests, Spectrophotometry, Colorimetry, Calibration, Photometry (chemical analysis), Combustion test methods, Absorptiometry, Gums, Dean and Stark test method, Distillation methods of analysis, Extraction methods of analysis, Tars, Particulate air pollutants, Water content determination, Ammonia, Naphthalene, Flow rates, Nitrogen oxides, Water vapour, Humidity measurement, Temperature measurement, Vapour pressure, Hydrogen cyanide, Nickel inorganic compounds, Ferric inorganic compounds, Odours
Title in FrenchMethodes d'analyse des gaz de carburant. Determinations speciales
Title in GermanVerfahren zur Analyse brennbarer technischer Gase. Besondere Bestimmungen
ISBN0 580 00128 8
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