BS 5606:1990 - Guide to accuracy in building – BSI British Standards

BS 5606:1990

Guide to accuracy in building

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : September 1990



Guide to accuracy in building

Executive summary

Guidance and principles that relate to accuracy in building construction.


This British Standard guide explains and provides examples of principles that relate to accuracy in building construction.

It is intended to be applied to building rather than civil engineering works and aims to assist in the following:

a) avoiding or resolving problems of inaccuracy or fit by assessing the dimensional needs of a design regarding tolerances, and then designing and specifying appropriately;

b) assessing the likely achievement of tolerances specified for a particular project, and giving guidance on their realization; and

c) monitoring and controlling work during construction to ensure that it complies with

specified accuracy.

Appendices to this standard give information relating to site surveys, examples of the calculation of tolerances, characteristic accuracy values, and data from a BRE survey.

This standard is designed to be relevant to all building types including the most sophisticated ones. It is particularly applicable wherever components, made off site, are to be assembled on site with site constructed work, or where statutory maximum or minimum sizes are required.

History and related standards

This British Standard is a revision of BS 5606:1978 which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross-references:

BS 5395, BS 5655, BS 5655-5, BS 5655-6, BS 5964, BS 6093, BS 6100,

BS 6100-1.5.1, BS 6954, BS 6954-1, BS 6954-2, BS 6954-3, BS 7307, BS 7307-1, BS 7307-2, BS 7308, BS 7334, BS 7334-1, BS 7334-2, BS 7334-3, BS 7334-4,

BS 7334-5, BS 7334-6, BS 7334-7, BS 7334-8, BS 8203, BS 8204, BS 8204-1,

BS 8204-2, BS 8298, CP 143, CP 297 and Technical Report No. 34:1988.

Standard NumberBS 5606:1990
TitleGuide to accuracy in building
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date30 September 1990
Confirm Date01 November 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
ReplacesBS 5606:1978
Amended ByAMD 9975
DescriptorsDesign, Accuracy, Construction operations, Setting out (site work), Buildings, Measuring instruments, Fits, Building specifications, Mathematical calculations, Structural design, Architectural design, Construction systems parts, Dimensional measurement, Site investigations, Dimensional tolerances
Title in FrenchGuide de précision en construction
Title in GermanGenauigkeit im Bauwesen
ISBN0 580 18657 1
File Size1.203 MB

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