BS 3666 is the specification for size designation of women's wear

BS 3666:1982

Specification for size designation of women's wear

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : April 1982



BS 3666 Specification for size designation of women's wear

This British Standard is one of a series which deals essentially with the size designation of clothing, and is not directly concerned with sizing systems as such.

The primary aim of this and other British Standards in this series is the establishment of a size designation system that indicates (in a simple, direct and meaningful manner) the body size of the woman that a garment is intended to fit. Provided that the shape of her body (as indicated by the appropriate dimensions) has been accurately determined, this system will facilitate the choice of garments that fit.

The size designation system is based on body and not garment measurements. Choice of garment measurements is normally left to the designer and the manufacturer, who are concerned with style, cut and other fashion elements, and who must make due allowance for garments normally worn beneath a specific garment.

Definitions and body measurement procedure are prescribed in BS 5511 which is applicable to all categories of clothing.

BS 3666 is the standard that specifies a system of designating the size of women’s outerwear and underwear garments that are classified as:

  • Covering the upper body
  • Covering the whole body
  • Covering the lower body only
  • Civilian and uniform garments.

Both the control dimensions on which the size designation system is based, and the method of indicating the size designation on a garment label, are specified.

BS 3666 also contains details of a size coding scheme, which is to be included on the garment label together with the control dimensions.

Contents of BS 3666 include:

  • Cooperating organizations
  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • References
  • Definitions
  • Control dimensions
  • Size designation
  • Size code
  • Labelling
  • Examples of garments
  • Examples of inclusion of size code number into label
  • Examples of labels for women’s outerwear
  • Examples of labels for women’s underwear
  • Size codes and associated body measurements
  • Publications referred to.

The Clothing Standards Committee, under whose direction this British Standard was prepared, consists of representatives from the following:

The Clothing Standards Committee
British Apparel Manufacturers’ Association Ltd
British Footwear Manufacturers’ Federation
British Man-made Fibres Federation
British Multiple Retailers’ Association
British Railways Board
British Textile Employers’ Association
Clothing and Footwear Institute
Clothing Manufacturers’ Federation of Great Britain
Consumer Standards Advisory Committee of BSI
Consumers’ Association
Department of Industry (Chemicals and Textiles)
Drapers’ Chamber of Trade
Industrial Safety (Protective Equipment) Manufacturers’ Association
Institute of Purchasing and Supply
Instock Footwear Suppliers’ Association
Knitting Industries Federation Ltd
Mail Order Traders’ Association of Great Britain
Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Ministry of Defence
Multiple Shoe Retailers’ Association
National Children’s Wear Association
National Shoe Retailers’ Council
Shoe and Allied Trades Research Association
Textile and Clothing Contractors’ Association
Textile Research Council
Association of Retail Distributors
Co-operative Union
Overall Manufacturers’ Association of Great Britain
Shirt, Collar and Tie Manufacturers’ Federation
Textile Distributors’ Association

Standard NumberBS 3666:1982
TitleSpecification for size designation of women's wear
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date30 April 1982
Confirm Date24 May 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
DescriptorsDesignations, Preferred sizes, Size coding, Labels, Marking, Clothing sizes, Ladies clothing, Clothing
Title in FrenchSpécification pour la désignation des tailles de vêtements pour femmes
Title in GermanSpezifikation fuer die Groessenbezeichnung von Damenkleidung
ISBN0 580 12438 X
File Size299 KB

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