BS 3399:1961 - Specification for transformers for use in ships

BS 3399:1961

Specification for transformers for use in ships

Status : Withdrawn   Published : July 1961

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Single-phase and polyphase, double wound power transformers and reactors having windings insulated with Class A, B, H or C materials, 1 kVA to 1000 kVA and rated line to line voltage up to 3300 volts. Dry and oil-immersed transformers. For service in ships sailing in temperate or tropical waters. Limits of temperature rise, regulation, performance requirements, ratings, terminal markings. Cooling methods classified, position of external terminals, list of external fittings and their positions. Routine tests, temperature rise test. Supplementary high-voltage tests, methods of declaring efficiency, calculation of inherent regulation, connection diagrams, vector diagrams, information with enquiry and order, additional fittings for oil-immersed transformers. Illustrated.

Standard NumberBS 3399:1961
TitleSpecification for transformers for use in ships
Publication Date31 July 1961
Confirm Date15 July 1993
Withdrawn Date02 August 2013
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Draft Superseded ByA(ELE)5025 DC
DescriptorsShips, Power transformers, Alternating-current transformers, Single-phase transformers, Polyphase transformers, Electric reactors, Series reactors, Windings, Electrical installations, Cooling systems, Ratings, Temperature-rise limit, Short-circuit current tests, Designations, Marking, Electric terminals, Performance, Efficiency, Electrical resistance, Impedance voltage, Resistance measurement, Withstand voltage, Overvoltage tests, Temperature measurement, Electric load, Reactance measurement, Type testing, High-voltage tests, Transformers, Phase shift, Tappings (electrical), Oil-immersed transformers
Title in FrenchTransformateurs pour utilisation dans les navires. Specification
Title in GermanTransformatoren fuer den Schiffsgebrauch. Spezifikation
ISBN0 580 03358 9
File Size4.441 MB
NotesThis standard has been withdrawn as the standard is no longer relevant

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