PAS 66 how eartags for sheep and goats should be tested

PAS 66:2019

Official identification eartags for sheep and goats. Specification

Status : Current   Published : December 2019


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What is this PAS about?

PAS 66 sets out how the official eartags for sheep and goats should perform and should be tested.

Who is this PAS for?

PAS 66 is for use by manufacturers of sheep and goat ear tags, farmers, suppliers and regulating bodies.

Why should you use this PAS?

PAS 66 specifies requirements for the performance and testing of eartags used for the official identification of sheep and goats. It includes a specification for electronic identification technology (EID).

It considers security aspects such as durability, tamper-evidence and safeguarding against a tag’s reusability as well as materials, welfare standards and printing processes, including durability of print.

NOTE: This PAS doesn’t apply to management tags

What’s changed since the last update?

PAS 66 was updated to ensure the content remains current and relevant. The main revisions cover the design, specification and colour of official primary and secondary EID sheep and goat eartags and retrospective EID tags. The scope of the tests has been widened to check that EID eartags are sufficiently robust and continue to function after exposure to cold, heat and immersion.


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Standard NumberPAS 66:2019
TitleOfficial identification eartags for sheep and goats. Specification
Publication Date31 December 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 105-A02, BS EN 20105-A02, BS 3900-D10, ISO 7724-3, BS EN ISO 4892-3, BS ISO 11785:1996, BS 5252F:1976
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 5252F:1976, Sheep and Goats (Records, Identification and Movement) (England) Order 2009
ReplacesPAS 66:2014
DescriptorsPerformance, Abrasion testing, Farm animals, Labels, Wear resistance, Sheep, Tensile testing, Livestock, Marking, Animal husbandry, Security, Goats, Identification methods, Impact testing
ISBN978 0 539 05851 2
File Size1.593 MB

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