PAS 3002:2018+C1:2018 Code of practice on improving health and wellbeing within an organization

PAS 3002:2018+C1:2018

Code of practice on improving health and wellbeing within an organization

Status : Current   Published : November 2018



What is this PAS about?

It provides recommendations to help employers promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of their staff. 

Who is this PAS for?

The target audience is top management within large organizations but it could also be of use to small and medium-sized enterprises and workforce representatives. 

Why should you use this PAS?

It provides recommendations that will help organizations establish, promote, maintain and review the health and wellbeing of their workforce. 

It considers how health and wellbeing are incorporated into the working environment and how leadership is demonstrated by way of the available health and wellbeing related services. 

The PAS presents five key principles to form the basis of an organization's approach:

  • Capitalize on diversity and inclusion as an organizational strength. Unfairness is a key hazard at work
  • Proactively support the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of the workforce
  • Foster a work culture that offers strong, ethical relationships, a collaborative and communicative management style, and an organizational culture in which learning and development are encouraged
  • Ensure jobs are designed so that they offer meaningful work 
  • Support good people management policies and practices

There are clear business benefits to employers in ensuring their employees’ health and wellbeing. Organizations will be seen as more attractive places to work and will be perceived more positively – helping attract and retain the best staff. Staff sickness will be reduced which promotes productivity. 

Also with citizens spending around a third of their waking lives at work and working and living longer, healthier working environments will likely reduce demands on the public health infrastructure. 

NOTE 1: The recommendations in this PAS are not intended to replace the legal requirements placed on the organization by relevant health, safety and wellbeing legislation.

NOTE 2: The recommendations in this PAS go beyond an organization’s workforce and also impact, for example, on users of a service and former members of the workforce.

Standard NumberPAS 3002:2018+C1:2018
TitleCode of practice on improving health and wellbeing within an organization
Publication Date30 November 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS ISO 27500, IWA 18, BS ISO 17679, BS ISO 37153, BS EN ISO 9004, BS 76005, BS 18004, BS ISO/IEC TR 15504-2, BS ISO 45001, PAS 1010, BS 76000, BS ISO 26000, PD ISO Guide 73
Amended ByCorrigendum, November 2018
DescriptorsHealth and safety requirements, Enterprises, Personnel, Organizations, Business companies, Companies, Environment (working)
ISBN978 0 539 02639 9
File Size1.707 MB

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