BS EN 131-2:2010+A2:2017 - BS EN 131-2+A2/COR1 Ladders. Part 2: Requirements, testing, marking

BS EN 131-2:2010+A2:2017

BS EN 131-2+A2/COR1 Ladders. Part 2: Requirements, testing, marking

Status : Current, Under review   Published : July 2010



This European Standard specifies the general design features, requirements and test methods for portable ladders.

It does not apply to step stools or ladders for specific professional use such as firebrigade ladders, roof ladders and mobile ladders.

It does not apply to ladders used for work on or near live electrical systems or installations. For this purpose EN 61478 applies.


For insulating ladders for use on or near low voltage electrical installations EN 50528 applies.

This European Standard is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 131‑1.

For single or multiple hinge joint ladders EN 131‑4 applies.

For telescopic ladders EN 131‑6 applies.

For mobile ladders with a platform EN 131‑7 applies.

Standard NumberBS EN 131-2:2010+A2:2017
TitleBS EN 131-2+A2/COR1 Ladders. Part 2: Requirements, testing, marking
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date31 July 2010
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 61478, ISO 3834-3:2005, EN ISO 14731, ISO 4892-2:2006, EN ISO 14644-1, ISO 179-1:2000, EN 408, EN 59, EN 844-9:1997, EN 131-1:2015, ISO 527-2:1993, EN 301:2017, EN 10088-2:2014, EN 391:2001, EN 386:2001, EN 131-3:2018, EN 572-2, ISO 6892-1:2009, ISO 3834-4:2005, EN 392, EN ISO 3834-1, EN ISO 527-1, EN ISO 3834-4, EN 1310, ISO 527-1:1993, EN ISO 14125, EN ISO 179-1, EN 204, ISO 3834-1:2005, IEC 61478:2001, ISO 3834-2:2005, EN ISO 3834-2, ISO 14644-1, EN ISO 4892-2:2006, ISO 14125:1998, EN ISO 6892-1, EN ISO 3834-3, EN 385, ISO 14731:2006, EN ISO 527-2
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 581-1:2017, ISO 472:1999, EN 131-7, EN 14183, EN 50528, EN ISO 472:2001, EN 131-4, EN 131-6
ReplacesBS EN 131-2:1993, BS 2037:1994, BS 1129:1990
International RelationshipsEN 131-2:2010+A2:2017
Amended ByCorrigendum, May 2018; Amendment, January 2017
DescriptorsDesign, Steels, Mechanical testing, Aluminium alloys, Marking, Performance, Knots (wood), Elongation at fracture, Torsion testing, Tensile strength, Deflection tests, Performance testing, Construction equipment, Wood, Ladders, Testing conditions, Bend testing, Wood defects, Yield stress, Portable
Title in FrenchÉchelles Exigences, essais, marquage
Title in GermanLeitern Anforderungen, Prüfung, Kennzeichnung
ISBN978 0 539 00827 2
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