BS EN ISO 128-2:2020 Technical product documentation. General principles of representation. Basic conventions for lines

BS EN ISO 128-2:2020

Technical product documentation. General principles of representation. Basic conventions for lines

Status : Current, Under review   Published : August 2020



What is BS EN ISO 128-2:2020 about?

The ISO 128 series is a set of fundamental technical drawing standards that’s been revised and consolidated into four new parts – Parts 1, 2, 3 and 100 (the index). These amalgamate all of the previous individual parts of the series into a clear and consistent suite of documents.

BS EN ISO 128-2:2020 contains generally applicable rules for the presentation of lines in all kinds of technical product documentation.

Who is BS EN ISO 128-2:2020 for?

Anyone in industry who needs to prepare technical drawings, including:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Mechanical engineering organizations
  • Design offices and design consultancies who need the basic requirements for the design and specification of their products on technical drawings (and/or on 3D models)
  • Companies in the aerospace, defence, automotive, nuclear, rail, and shipbuilding sectors along with other manufacturing companies in all other industrial sectors

Why should you use BS EN ISO 128-2:2020?

This international standard establishes the types of lines used in technical drawings (e.g. diagrams, plans or maps), their designations and their configurations, as well as general rules for the draughting of lines.

It specifies general rules for the representation of leader and reference lines and their components as well as for the arrangement of instructions on or at leader lines in technical documents. Annexes have been provided for specific information on mechanical, construction and shipbuilding technical drawings.

This revision brings a number of parts of the ISO 128 series together into one easily accessible document all of the requirements for lines on technical drawings. Previously the requirements were spread across a number of different standards.

The standard can be used for traditional 2D manual drawings or for 3D modelling on CAD systems.

NOTE: For the purposes of this document, the term “technical drawing” is interpreted in the broadest possible sense encompassing the total package of documentation specifying the product (workpiece, subassembly, assembly).

 BS EN ISO 128-2:2020 contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goal 9 on industry, innovation and infrastructure because it supports safe, resilient infrastructure.  

What’s new about BS EN ISO 128-2:2020?

This is a revision and amalgamation of a number of former parts of the ISO 128 series, all of which are superseded and withdrawn:

  • BS EN ISO 128-20:2001
  • BS EN ISO 128-21:2001
  • BS ISO 128-22:1999
  • BS ISO 128-23:1999
  • BS ISO 128-24:2014
  • BS ISO 128-25:1999

The main changes in BS EN ISO 128-2:2020 are:

a)       Harmonization of the former parts listed above

b)      Introduction of the hierarchy of overlapping lines

c)       Rules of application specific to various technical fields (i.e. construction technical drawings, mechanical engineering technical drawings and shipbuilding technical drawings) are provided in individual annexes

d)       Information on preparation of lines by CAD systems is also provided in an annex

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 128-2:2020
TitleTechnical product documentation. General principles of representation. Basic conventions for lines
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date19 August 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 129-5, ISO 10209, ISO 7437, ISO 6428, ISO 2553, ISO 2538-2, ISO 128-3, ISO 10135, ISO 4463-1, ISO 12671, ISO 8560, ISO 5456-4, ISO 1101, ISO 7519, ISO 3766, ISO 5261, ISO 5459, ISO 128-15, ISO 15785, ISO 10110-1, ISO 16792, ISO 15787, ISO 5455, ISO 2203, ISO 6410-1, ISO 4463-3, ISO 11091, ISO 129-1, ISO 3040
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 3511-3, IEC 61082-1, ISO 8048, ISO 10628-1, ISO 3511-2, ISO 1302, ISO 13715, ISO 3511-4, ISO 6433, ISO 3511-1, ISO 1219-1
ReplacesBS EN ISO 128-21:2001, BS EN ISO 128-20:2001
International RelationshipsEN ISO 128-2:2020,ISO 128-2:2020
Draft Superseded By19/30373315 DC
DescriptorsGeometry, Engineering drawings, Lines (geometry), Diagrams, Graphic representation, Products, Documentation, Technical drawing, Drawings
Title in FrenchDocumentation technique de produits (TPD). Principes généraux de représentation Conventions de base pour les traits
Title in GermanTechnische Produktdokumentation (TPD). Allgemeine Grundlagen der Darstellung Linien, Grundregeln
ISBN978 0 580 99939 0
File Size11.41 MB

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