BS EN 16941-2:2021 - On-site non-potable water systems. Systems for the use of treated greywater

BS EN 16941-2:2021

On-site non-potable water systems. Systems for the use of treated greywater

Status : Current   Published : February 2021



This document specifies the principles of design, sizing, installation, identification, commissioning and maintenance of greywater systems with the purpose of use of greywater on-site.

It applies preferably for the use of treated greywater for:

  1. WC flushing;

  2. garden watering;

  3. laundry;

  4. cleaning purposes.

This document also specifies the minimum requirements for greywater systems.

Excluded from the scope of this document are:

  1. the use as drinking water and for food preparation;

  2. the use for personal hygiene purposes;

  3. direct use systems without treatment;

  4. product design for specific system components;

  5. industrial effluents;

  6. heat recovery and cooling demands.


Conformity with this document does not exempt from compliance with the obligations arising from local or national regulations.

Standard NumberBS EN 16941-2:2021
TitleOn-site non-potable water systems. Systems for the use of treated greywater
Publication Date02 February 2021
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 476, EN 13077, EN 13564-1, EN ISO 4064-5, EN 12566-3, EN 1717, EN 809, EN 60335-2-41, EN 12056-2, EN 13076, EN 1610, EN 12056-5, ISO 7010, EN 12056-4, EN 12050 (all parts), EN 806 (all parts), EN ISO 4064-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN ISO 5814, EN ISO 7027-1, EN ISO 7899-1, EN ISO 9308-3, EN ISO 7393-2, EN ISO 11731, EN ISO 7899-2, EN ISO 9308-1, BS 8525 (all parts), EN ISO 7887, EN ISO 10304-1, EN ISO 10523, EN 16323:2014
International RelationshipsEN 16941-2:2021
Draft Superseded By17/30362689 DC
DescriptorsWater, Storms, Control equipment, Water testing, Tanks (containers), Water supply and waste systems (building, Instructions for use, Pipework systems, Water storage, Marking, Water purification, Quality, Maintenance, Rainfall, Flow rates, Pumps, Installation, Chemical composition, Water treatment, Leak tests, Microorganisms, Design, Water supply, Drainage, Water pumps, Rainwater control systems, Performance testing, Water supply (buildings), Re-usable
Title in FrenchRéseaux d’eau non potable sur site Systèmes pour l’utilisation des eaux ménagères traitées
Title in GermanVor-Ort-Anlagen für Nicht-Trinkwasser Anlagen für die Verwendung von behandeltem Grauwasser
ISBN978 0 580 99040 3
File Size1.507 MB

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