BS EN 12965:2019 - Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry. Power take-off (PTO) drive shafts and their guards. Safety

BS EN 12965:2019

Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry. Power take-off (PTO) drive shafts and their guards. Safety

Status : Current   Published : December 2019



This document specifies safety requirements and their verification for the design and construction of power take-off (PTO) drive shafts and their guards linking a tractor or self-propelled machinery to the first fixed bearing of recipient machinery. It describes methods for the elimination or reduction of risks that need specific requirements including such risks arising from misuse, reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer. It is applicable only to those PTO drive shafts and guards mechanically linked to the shaft by at least two bearings. When used with compatible guards for power take-off (PTO) of the tractor (master shield) or self-propelled machine and the power input connection (PIC) of the power receiving machine, the requirements for power take-off drive shafts are complete.


Fully enclosing PIC guard cones alone provide full protection.


ISO 500?1 and ISO 500?2 give requirements for the guarding of tractor power take-offs (PTO) and ISO 4254?1 gives requirements for power input connections (PIC) of power receiving machinery that are compatible with the guarding required by this document.

In addition, it specifies the type of information on safe working practices to be provided by the manufacturer.

This document does not deal with:

  • the guards totally covering, but not mechanically linked to, the PTO drive shaft;

  • the mechanical characteristics of PTO drive shafts, overrun devices and torque limiters;

  • general hazards which are dealt with in EN ISO 4254?1:2015 (see introduction).

Environmental aspects have not been considered in this document.

This document is not applicable to PTO drive shafts and their guards that are manufactured before the date of publication of this document by CEN.

Standard NumberBS EN 12965:2019
TitleTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry. Power take-off (PTO) drive shafts and their guards. Safety
Publication Date10 December 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN ISO 13857:2008, EN ISO 12100:2010, ISO 5674:2004, ISO 4254-1:2013, ISO 500-3:2014, EN 15811:2014, ISO 11684:1995, EN ISO 4254-1:2015, ISO 1140:2012
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 5673-1, ISO 500-1, ISO 500-2
ReplacesBS EN 12965:2003+A2:2009
International RelationshipsEN 12965:2019
Draft Superseded By18/30381549 DC17/30353376 DC
DescriptorsSafety devices, Power take-off, Equipment safety, Tractors, Agricultural equipment, Hazards, Machine guards, Drive shafts, Agricultural tractors, Shaft couplings, Verification, Mechanical transmission systems, Forestry equipment, Power transmission systems
Title in FrenchTracteurs et matériels agricoles et forestiers. Arbres de transmission à cardans de prise de force et leurs protecteurs. Sécurité
Title in GermanTraktoren und Maschinen für die Land- und Forstwirtschaft. Gelenkwellen und ihre Schutzeinrichtungen. Sicherheit
ISBN978 0 580 96794 8
File Size11.87 MB

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