BS EN 12480:2018 - Gas meters. Rotary displacement gas meters

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BS EN 12480:2018

Gas meters. Rotary displacement gas meters

Status : Current   Published : March 2018



Standard NumberBS EN 12480:2018
TitleGas meters. Rotary displacement gas meters
Publication Date12 March 2018
Cross ReferencesEN 10028-7:2016, EN 10250-2:1999, EN ISO 9606-1:2013, EN ISO 10675-1 (ISO 10675-1:2016) AS, EN ISO 898-1 (ISO 898-1:2013) AS, EN 10083-2:2006, ASTM A 333/A 333M:2011, ASTM A 106/A 106M:2011, ASTM A 182/A 182M:2012, ASTM A 194/A 194M:2012, ASTM B 85/B 85M:2010, ASTM A 320/A 320M:2011, ASTM A 269:2010, ASTM A 874/A 874M:2009, ASTM A 516/A 516M:2010, ASTM F 593:2008, ASTM A 276:2010, ASTM A 193/A 193M:2012, ASTM A 564/A 564M:2010, ASTM F 594:2009, ASTM A 536:2009, ASTM A 707/A 707M:2010, ASTM A 420/A 420M:2006, ASTM A 266/A 266M:2011, ASTM A 694/A 694M:2008, ASTM A 213/A 213M:2011, ASTM A 240/A 240M:2012, ASTM A 312/A 312M:2012, ASTM A 105/A 105M:2011, ASTM A 350/A 350M:2010, EN 754-2:2016, ISO 7005-2:1988, EN 1759-1:2004, EN ISO 9712 (ISO 9712:2012) AS, BS EN 10213:2007+A1:2016, EN 1092-4:2002, EN 10250-4:1999, EN 10028-4:2009, ISO 17663:2009, EN ISO 17636-2 (ISO 17636-2:2013) AS, EN 10028-6:2009, EN ISO 1518-2 (ISO 1518-2:2011) AS, ISO 2768-1:1989, EN 10083-1:2006, EN 485-2:2013, EN ISO 11666:2010, EN 1706:2010, EN 1092-3:2003, EN 10088-1:2014, EN 12516-1:20
ReplacesBS EN 12480:2015
International RelationshipsEN 12480:2018
Draft Superseded By17/30347443 DC
DescriptorsPressure, Performance, Performance testing, Gas flow, Gas-supply meters, Design, Type testing, Dimensions, Marking, Flow rates, Temperature, Ratings, Accuracy, Volume flowmeters, Flow measurement
Title in FrenchCompteurs de gaz. Compteurs de gaz à déplacement rotatif
Title in GermanGaszähler. Drehkolbengaszähler
ISBN978 0 580 95510 5
File Size1.555 MB

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