BS 8297:2017 Design, manufacture and installation of architectural precast concrete cladding. Code of practice

BS 8297:2017

Design, manufacture and installation of architectural precast concrete cladding. Code of practice

Status : Current   Published : October 2017



What is this standard about?

It gives recommendations and guidance on how to design, manufacture, transport and install architectural precast concrete in the form of:

a)      Units supported by and fixed to a structural frame or wall to perform a cladding role

NOTE: These might be part of the external envelope or separate elements, such as columns and balconies.

b)      Units which may neither be associated with, nor form part of a building

c)       Units used as permanent formwork in part or in whole, but limited to architectural elements

d)      The architectural function of a sandwich panel

Who is this standard for?

  • Architects
  • Structural engineers
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Façade consultants
  • Manufacturers
  • Installers
  • Key suppliers and interfacing trades
  • Test facilities and testing contractors
  • HSE   
  • Related bodes e.g. Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT), latent defects insurers (NHBC), local authorities, London district surveyors 

Why should you use this standard?

  • It provides the minimum standards needed and the materials and methods of fixings most frequently used.
  • It includes recommendations on the measures to be taken to provide for permanent and temporary movements and tolerances of the structure, to enable the cladding to perform its function satisfactorily.
  • It applies to new buildings but many provisions might be applicable to alterations or refurbishment of existing buildings.
  • Guidance is given on the quality of the finished product and verification of performance. The design recommendations given are based on limit state design principles.

NOTE 1: BS 8297 is intended to be used in conjunction with BS EN 13369:2013 and BS EN 13670, but it provides comprehensive guidance specifically in relation to architectural precast concrete cladding and therefore takes precedence in the items addressed.

NOTE 2: It does not provide recommendations relevant to units incorporating glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC/GRC), semi-dry or small wet-cast masonry units instead of larger architectural wall cladding panels (see BS 1217), nor the design of the supporting structure to which the units might be attached.

What’s changed since the last update?

The standard was revised to cover all architectural precast elements including loadbearing and non-loadbearing elements. The revision also updated references, including those to current Building Regulations. The standard now:

  • Addresses all architectural precast elements, including loadbearing and non-loadbearing elements
  • Includes updates to cladding façades, seals, tolerances, fixings and joint systems specifications, as well as updates to structural design and concrete specification sections
  • Clarifies terminology relating to cladding, façade and building envelope specification
  • Updates fire resistance requirements to comply with Health and Safety legislation

Standard NumberBS 8297:2017
TitleDesign, manufacture and installation of architectural precast concrete cladding. Code of practice
Publication Date31 October 2017
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Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 1992-4, BS EN 10027-2:2015, BS 6954-2:1988, BS 5080-1:1993, BS 9999:2017, BS 9991:2015, BS 4255-1:1986, BS 8000-2.2:1990, BS EN 13369:2013, BS 8202-1:1995, BS EN 13670:2009, BS 8000-0:2014, BS EN 998-2:2016, BS EN 14992:2007+A1:2012, PD CEN/TR 15728:2016, BS EN 13116:2001
ReplacesBS 8297:2000
Draft Superseded By17/30342957 DC
DescriptorsCladding (buildings), Construction systems parts, Precast concrete, Concretes, Exterior cladding, Non-loadbearing walls, Cladding panels, Design, Structural design, Installation, Framed structures, Erecting (construction operation), Prefabricated parts, Maintenance
ISBN978 0 580 94556 4
File Size1.567 MB

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