BS ISO 8601-2:2019 Date and time. Representations for information interchange. Extensions

BS ISO 8601-2:2019

Date and time. Representations for information interchange. Extensions

Status : Current   Published : February 2019



What is this standard about?

This document specifies additional representations of dates of the Gregorian calendar and times based on the 24-hour clock that extend the basic rules and composite elements of those defined in ISO 8601‑1. These representations are specified as character strings for use in information interchange. It is also applicable for representing times and time shifts based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

These extensions include:

— uncertain or approximate dates, or dates with portions unspecified;

— extended time intervals;

— divisions of a year;

— sets and choices of calendar dates;

— grouped time scale units;

— repeat rules for recurring time intervals; and

— date and time arithmetic.

This document excludes the representation of date elements from non-Gregorian calendars, or times not from the 24-hour clock. This document does not address character encoding of representations specified in this document.

Standard NumberBS ISO 8601-2:2019
TitleDate and time. Representations for information interchange. Extensions
Publication Date27 February 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 8601-1:2019
Informative References(Provided for Information)IETF RFC 5545, ISO 80000-3, ISO 80000-1
ReplacesBS ISO 8601:2004
International RelationshipsISO 8601-2:2019
Draft Superseded By17/30339389 DC
DescriptorsInformation exchange, Data handling, Days, Time, Years, Months, Data representation, Data transfer, Dates (calendar), Data elements
Title in FrenchDate et heure. Représentations pour l'échange d'information Extensions
ISBN978 0 580 93759 0
File Size2.766 MB

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