BS EN 16602-70-39:2018 Space product assurance. Welding of metallic materials for flight hardware

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BS EN 16602-70-39:2018

Space product assurance. Welding of metallic materials for flight hardware

Status : Current   Published : December 2018



What is this standard about?

This Standard specifies the processing and quality assurance requirements for the different types of metallic welding (manual, automatic, semi-automatic and machine) for space flight applications. This standard can also be used for weld activities on space related ground equipment and development models for flight hardware. The Standard covers all welding processes used for joining metallic materials for space applications. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) / Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), (process 14)

• Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) / Metal Inert Gas (MIG) (process 13)

• Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) / Plasma of Transferred Arc (PTA), (process 15)

• Electron beam welding (EBW), (process 51)

• Laser beam welding (LBW), (process 52)

• Friction Stir welding (process 43)

• Magnetic Pulse welding (process 442)

• Linear friction welding (process 42)

• Rotary friction welding (process 42)

The specific process numbers mentioned above are listed according to the standard ISO 4063:2009.

This Standard does not detail the weld definition phase and welding preverification phase, including the derivation of design allowables.

This standard may be tailored for the specific characteristic and constraints of a space project in conformance with ECSS-S-ST-00.

Standard NumberBS EN 16602-70-39:2018
TitleSpace product assurance. Welding of metallic materials for flight hardware
Publication Date07 December 2018
Cross ReferencesEN 60974-2:2013, ISO 15616-3:2003, EN ISO 25239-5:2011, ISO 6848:2004, ISO 14744-3:2000, ISO 11611:2007, ISO 6947:2011, ISO 14744-1:2008, ISO 4136:2012, ISO 17640:2010, EN 60974-4:2011, ISO 3452-4:1998, ISO 22827-2:2005, ISO 3452-1:2013, EN 60974-8:2009, EN 60974-6:2011, EN 16601-00-01, ECSS-E-ST-32-01, EN 16602-20, EN 16602-10-09, EN 16601-40, ECSS-Q-ST-10-09, ECSS-M-ST-40, ECSS-S-ST-00-01, EN 16603-32-01, ECSS-Q-ST-20, ISO 15616-2:2003, ISO 14732:2013, ASTM E407 - 07, ISO 17636-1:2013, ISO 22827-1:2005, ISO 14744-5:2000, ASTM E340 - 13, EN 60974-7:2000, ISO 2553:2013, ISO 15614-2:2005, EN 60974-5:2013, ISO 25239-3:2011, EN 4179:2009, EN ISO 17637:2011, EN 60974-13:2011, ISO 3452-2:2013, EN 60974-10:2014, ISO 14731:2006, ISO 22826:2005, EN 10204:2004, ISO 15616-4:2008, ISO 15616-1:2003, ISO 14744-2:2000, ISO 4063:2009, ISO 17636-2:2013, ISO 14744-6:2000, ISO 24394:2008, ISO 14744-4:2000, ISO 9015-1:2001, ISO 9015-2:2003, ISO 3452-5:2008, EN 60974-1:2012, EN 60974-11:2010, ISO 3452-3:2013, EN 60974-12:2011, EN 60974-3:2014, EN 60974-9:2010, DIN 29595:2004 (G), ISO 3452-6:
International RelationshipsEN 16602-70-39:2018
Draft Superseded By16/30336547 DC
DescriptorsSpace transport, Aerospace transport, Quality assurance, Products, Air transport, Welding, Space technology
Title in FrenchAssurance produit des projets spatiaux. Soudage de matériaux métalliques pour matériel de vol
Title in GermanRaumfahrtproduktsicherung. Metallschweißen in Flug-Hardware
ISBN978 0 580 93130 7
File Size2.032 MB

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