BS EN 13814-1:2019 - Safety of amusement rides and amusement devices. Part 1: Design and manufacture

BS EN 13814-1:2019

Safety of amusement rides and amusement devices. Part 1: Design and manufacture

Status : Current   Published : June 2019



This document specifies the minimum requirements necessary to ensure the safe design, calculation, manufacture, and installation of mobile, temporary or permanently installed machinery and structures which are intended for use by persons as a leisure activity, e.g. roundabouts, swings, boats, ferris wheels, roller coasters, chutes, booths, side shows, and structures for artistic aerial displays. The above items are hereafter called amusement devices, which are intended to be installed both repeatedly without degradation or loss of integrity, and temporarily or permanently in fairgrounds and amusement parks or any other locations. Grandstands, construction site installations, scaffolding, removable agricultural structures, simple coin operated children's amusement devices, carrying up to three children, and recreational devices like waterslides or summer toboggan runs, playground equipment, rope courses, climbing wall, inflatable, trampolines, swimming pool equipment (this list is not exhaustive) are not covered by this document. For all the equipment not covered by the requirements of EN 13814-1, the relevant standards apply. Nevertheless this document can be used in the design of any similar structural or passenger carrying amusement device not explicitly mentioned herein. In terms of workers’ health and safety, national regulations apply. This document is applicable to manufacturing and major modification of amusement devices and rides for designs after the effective date of publication.

Standard NumberBS EN 13814-1:2019
TitleSafety of amusement rides and amusement devices. Part 1: Design and manufacture
Publication Date07 June 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 13814-3:2019, EN 1090-2:2018, BS EN 13814-3:2019, EN 60204-1:2006/corrigendum Feb. 2010, EN 1090-3:2008, BS EN 13814-2:2019, EN 13814-2:2019, EN ISO 4034, EN ISO 3834-3, EN 14399 (all parts), EN ISO 9692-3, HD 60364-4-41, EN 1993-1-9, EN ISO 9692-1, HD 60364-7-740, EN 50172, EN ISO 14120, EN ISO 4017, EN 10204, EN ISO 3834-2, EN ISO 4032, ISO 10474, EN ISO 14119, EN 349, EN 61558-1, EN ISO 9692-2, EN 1999-1-1, EN 61800-5-2, EN 12195-2, EN ISO 4014, EN ISO 10042:2018, EN ISO 4018, HD 60364-5-54, EN 60204-32, EN ISO 14731, EN 1993-1-8, EN ISO 4414, EN ISO 12100:2010, EN ISO 4016, EN ISO 898-1, ISO 14118, EN ISO 9712:2012, EN ISO 9606-2, EN ISO 17635, EN ISO 4413, EN 1993-1-1, EN ISO 14732, EN ISO 3834-4, EN ISO 5817:2014, EN ISO 9606-1, EN ISO 13849 (all parts), EN ISO 13857, EN 62305 (all parts), EN 1176 (all parts), EN 818 (all parts), EN 1991-1-4, EN 62061, EN 13796-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 13200 (all parts), ISO/IEC Guide 71, EN ISO 2307, EN 10228-2, ISO/TR 7250-2, EN 10308, EN ISO 10556, EN ISO 10325, EN 1992-1-1, EN 1995-1-1, EN 10160, EN ISO 10554, EN 10228-1, ISO/TS 17929:2014, EN 1677 series, EN 14960, EN ISO 1181, EN ISO 1346, AS 3533-1, ISO 17842-1, EN ISO 14122 (all parts), EN ISO 1141, CEN/TS 16165, EN 13001-3-1, EN ISO 14688-2, ASTM F2137, EN ISO 9001, ASTM F2291:2017, EN 1069 (all parts), EN 1261, EN 10025 (all parts), ISO 7250-1, EN ISO 10572, EN 10164, EN ISO 10547, EN 1837, EN ISO 9554, DIN 33402-2, ISO 17842-3, ISO/TR 23849, EN 13889, ASTM F381, GOST 12.2.049-80, EN 13411 (all parts), EN 12385 (all parts), ISO 17842-2
ReplacesBS EN 13814:2004
International RelationshipsEN 13814-1:2019
Draft Superseded By16/30328759 DC
DescriptorsDemountable structures, Structural systems, Leisure equipment, Inspection, Mathematical calculations, Verification, Structural design, Maintenance, Test methods, Mobile, Equipment safety, Safety measures, Structures, Installation, Temporary, Amusement rides, Hazards, Entertainment facilities
Title in FrenchSécurité des manèges et des dispositifs de divertissement Conception et fabrication
Title in GermanSicherheit von Fahrgeschäften und Vergnügungseinrichtungen Konstruktion, Bemessung und Herstellung
ISBN978 0 580 91340 2
File Size8.328 MB

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