BS EN 16907-2:2018 Earthworks. Classification of materials
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BS EN 16907-2:2018

Earthworks. Classification of materials

Status : Current   Published : December 2018



What is this standard about?

This document defines a common basis for description and classification for use by all parties involved in the design, planning and construction of the earthworks.

This document specifies the processes and properties to be used in the description and classification of earthworks materials. It specifies soil and rock groups as a basis of material specifications for earth structure elements. This classification relates to the physical and chemical properties of the soil and rock materials.

NOTE 1 The approach to description of soil and rock set out in EN ISO 14688-1 and EN ISO 14689 respectively and the approach to classification of soil set out in EN ISO 14688-2 are applicable to earthworks, but the range and scope of classification for earthworks given here is more detailed and orientated to the specific demands of earthwork procedures and earth structure elements.

NOTE 2 Informative examples of existing national experience based classification systems and their use are presented in the annexes to EN 16907-1:2018.

Standard NumberBS EN 16907-2:2018
TitleEarthworks. Classification of materials
Publication Date14 December 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 16907-1:2018, EN ISO 14688-1, EN 13383-1, EN 1997-2, EN ISO 22475-1, EN ISO 14689, EN 932-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 1744-1, EN 1367-2, EN ISO 17892-10, EN 1926, EN 933-9, EN ISO 17892-6, UNE 146510, EN ISO 10769, NF P94-066, EN 13286-47, EN 1367-1, EN ISO 17892-11, EN ISO 17892-1, EN 13286-4, EN 1097-3, EN ISO 11274, EN 13286-43, EN 932-3, EN ISO 10693, EN 13286-41, ISO 11271, EN 13383-2, EN ISO 17892-8, EN ISO 17892-7, EN 13286-40, EN 933-11, EN 1367-4, EN ISO 11508, ISO 10694, ISO 18400-102, EN ISO 14688-2, EN 1097-2, ISO 10390, EN ISO 22282 (all parts), ISO 14235, ISO 10381-8, EN 13286-2, NF P94-067, EN ISO 17892-9, NF P94-068, EN 1744-3, EN 1097-5, ISO 11277, ISO 10381-1, EN 1097-10, EN 1097-1, EN ISO 17892-5, ISO 17313, EN 13286-3, EN ISO 17892-4, ISO 17312, ISO 11048, EN 13286-1, EN 932-2, EN 13925 (all parts), EN 1367-6, EN 1744-5, EN 13286-5, EN 1097-6, EN ISO 17892-3, EN ISO 17892-12, EN 13286-46, EN ISO 11272, EN 14146, EN ISO 17892-2
International RelationshipsEN 16907-2:2018
Draft Superseded By15/30326284 DC
DescriptorsEmbankments, Earthworks, Loading, Maritime structures, Bibliography, Rocks, Failure (mechanical), Foundations, Corrosion, Masonry work, Structures, Piles, Water retention and flow works, Land retention works, Walls, Drainage, Retaining walls, Concretes, Structural design, Silt, Stone, Retaining structures, Piling, Mortars, Soils, Cofferdams, Clay, Structural failure, Design
Title in FrenchTerrassements Classification des matériaux
Title in GermanErdarbeiten Materialklassifizierung
ISBN978 0 580 90775 3
File Size960 KB

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