BS 8484:2016 Provision of lone worker services. Code of Practice

BS 8484:2016

Provision of lone worker services. Code of Practice

Status : Current   Published : August 2016



BS 8484:2016 Provision of lone worker services. Code of Practice 

It’s very common to find people that work either in isolation or without direct supervision, which might put them at potential risk. BS 8484 was developed to ensure the quality and safety of lone worker services.

What is BS 8484:2016?

BS 8484:2016 provides recommendations and a benchmark when seeking a solution to reduce and/or eliminate the risk to staff operating away from the ability of colleagues to provide direct assistance. It’s applicable to lone worker devices and lone worker applications and it acknowledges that these are part of an overall lone worker protection strategy.

It details the provision of Lone Worker Services (LWSs) to help control and manage identified Lone Worker (LW) risks. Such services consist of Lone Worker Devices (LWD) and/or Lone Worker Applications (LWA), monitoring, training, management information and response options.Customers of lone workers services are increasingly demanding accreditation to BS 8484 and it’s already a requirement in public sector documents. By complying with BS 8484:2016 you’ll show a commitment to the highest standards of service delivery in potentially life threatening situations as well as reassure the recipients of the services if they ever find themselves in vulnerable situation. 

Craig Swallow, Chairman BSIA Lone Worker Section & Managing Director and Committee, says 

“The need for BS 8484 to help guide and advise employers of lone workers is more important now than ever. Its review throughout 2015/16 will lead to numerous useful improvements, taking input from industry, the Police, audit bodies and others. BS 8484 is one of the principle reasons why false alarm management in the lone worker industry is well managed and the speed of escalation to Police via URN so quick (when compared to 999). It’s a valuable resource for any employer seeking to remove the risks associated with operating with lone working staff”. 

BS 8484:2016 considers the perspective from the response services and their need to: 

• Minimize their receipt of false alarms
• Ensure that low level genuine incidents that do not require an immediate manned response are treated accordingly

Services complying to BS 8484 also enable greater safety and improved quality of life for high risk domestic violence victims to be confident to leave their homes knowing they can call for help with confidence and the police will respond very quickly.

What’s new on BS 8484:2016?

This new edition of BS 8484 introduces the following changes:
• Revised and expanded definitions
• Revised structure including customer considerations and sections on management and training
• An improved self-certification process for lone worker devices by putting the responsibility for effective self-certification onto the supplier 
• Allowance for the emergence of safety applications for mobile phones

Who should use BS 8484:2016?

BS 8484:2016 applies to:
• Security companies
• Agencies providing lone worker services
• Procurers

Standard NumberBS 8484:2016
TitleProvision of lone worker services. Code of Practice
Publication Date31 August 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 7858, BS 7984-2, BS 8591, BS EN 50518, BS ISO/IEC 27001
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 5979:2007, BS 16000, BS EN ISO 22301, BS ISO 9001, BS ISO/IEC 27031
ReplacesBS 8484:2011
Draft Superseded By16/30322701 DC
DescriptorsSecurity, Alarm systems, Special-purpose alarms, Warning devices, Management, Safety measures, Remote control systems, Electronic equipment and components, Communication networks, Data transmission, Speech transmission systems, Signals, Position, Messages, Verification, Personnel, Consumer-supplier relations, Response time, Telecommunication systems, Communication equipment
ISBN978 0 580 90069 3
File Size1.673 MB

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