BS 9:1928 - Bull head railway rails

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BS 9:1928

Bull head railway rails

Status : Withdrawn   Published : July 1928

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Test Data: Degrees: Operating temperatures between -55 °C and 260 °C. Less than or equal to/greater than or equal to: Solution treated and precipitation treated. Wires for rivets - 2 mm ? D ? 10 mm - Rm ? 960 MPa Plus or Minus sign: Live working. Conductive clothing for use at a nominal voltage up to 800 kV a.c. and ± 600 kV d.c. Square root: The symbol is ? which always means the positive square root. Omega: Impédance caractéristique 50 ? (type 4,1-9,5) Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta: Microstructure of (? + ?) titanium alloy wrought products. Measurement of ?-, ?-, ?- and ?-tocopherol Mu: Tight structure 62,5 µm core GI fibre Accents: Série aérospatiale. Acier résistant à chaud. Lösungsgeglüht und ausgehärtet. Drahte für Niete. Luminaires pour les unités de soins des hôpitaux et les maisons de santé Façade. HTL Coding

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Standard NumberBS 9:1928
TitleBull head railway rails
Publication Date16 July 1928
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Notes<i>Test the rendering of italics tags</i> and also <b>emboldened text</b> followed by a paragraph mark<p>

*To ask about withdrawn titles contact the
BSI Customer Services, +44 345 086 9001
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