BS EN 1995-1-1:2004+A2:2014 Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures. General. Common rules and rules for buildings

BS EN 1995-1-1:2004+A2:2014

Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures. General. Common rules and rules for buildings

Status : Current   Published : December 2004



What is this standard about?

BS EN 1995-1-1:2004+A2:2014 outlines general design rules for timber structures used in building and civil engineering works.

Who is this standard for?

  • Structural engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Designers/Architects
  • Manufacturers/producers of construction/timber products
  • The timber market and any market where timber components are used
  • The software systems industry (that produces solutions for design and construction and operation of infrastructure)

Why should you use this standard?

BS EN 1995-1-1:2004+A2:2014 explains how aspects of the design process should be implemented specifically for timber structures. It sets out certain aspects of design that are important for timber but not relevant to other structural materials such as how to allow for the effects of duration of load and moisture content.

The standard can be applied to the design of buildings in timber (solid timber, sawn, planed or in pole form, glued laminated timber or wood-based structural products, e.g. LVL) or wood-based panels jointed together with adhesives or mechanical fasteners.

What’s changed since the last update?

BS EN 1995-1-1 has been fully revised by experts to bring it up to date with the latest technological developments in timber and industry best practice.

Standard NumberBS EN 1995-1-1:2004+A2:2014
TitleEurocode 5: Design of timber structures. General. Common rules and rules for buildings
Publication Date15 December 2004
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 1991-1-6, EN 1991-1-3, EN 1991-1-4, EN 14279, EN 14592, EN 14080, EN 14250, EN 335-3:1995, EN 14358, EN 312-6:1996, EN 13986, EN 351-1:1995, EN 1991-1-5, EN 460:1994, EN 1383:1999, EN 912:1999, ISO 2631-2:1989, EN 335-2:1992, EN 14374, EN 335-1:1992, EN 301:1992, EN 636-2:1996, EN 300:1997, EN 385:2001, EN 622-5:1997, EN 312-5:1997, EN 622-4:1997, EN 594:1995, EN 13271:2001, EN 622-2:1997, EN 1381:1999, ISO 2081:1986, EN 1990:2002, EN 1075:1999, EN 28970:1991, EN 350-2:1994, EN 26891:1991, EN 14544, EN 1991-1-7, EN 409:1993, EN 14081-1, EN 383:1993, EN 14545, EN 312-7:1997, EN 1380:1999, ISO 8970:1989, EN 1991-1-1:2002, EN 312-4:1996, EN 10147:2000, EN 622-3:1997, EN 1382:1999, EN 636-3:1996, EN 636-1:1996, EN 387:2001
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 1194, EN 338
ReplacesDD ENV 1995-1-1:1994, BS 5268-3:2006
International RelationshipsEN 1995-1-1 Amd 2 (05/14)
Amended ByAMD 16499
Amendment, May 2014; Amendment, January 2009; Corrigendum, July 2006
DescriptorsLaminates, Fasteners, Statistical methods of analysis, Approval organizations, Construction engineering works, Dimensional changes, Softwoods, Corrosion protection, Hardwoods, Fibre building board, Joists, Adhesives, Vibration, Sheet materials, Particle boards, Sawn timber, Structural systems, Poles, Buildings, Structural timber, Design calculations, Plywood, Planed timber, Solid (shape), Structural design, Serviceability limits, Panels, Metals
Title in FrenchEurocode 5. Conception et calcul des structures en bois. Généralités. Règles communes et règles pour les bâtiments
Title in GermanEurocode 5. Bemessung und Konstruktion von Holzbauten. Allgemeines. Allgemeine Regeln und Regeln fuer den Hochbau
ISBN978 0 580 83727 2
File Size3.265 MB
NotesFollowing publication of the EN, there is a period of 2 years allowed for the national calibration period during which the National Annex is issued, followed by a three year coexistence period. During the coexistence period Member States will be encourage

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