BS EN 60519-1:2015 - Safety in installations for electroheating and electromagnetic processing. General requirements

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BS EN 60519-1:2015

Safety in installations for electroheating and electromagnetic processing. General requirements

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : June 2015



IEC 60519-1:2015 specifies general safety requirements for industrial installations or equipment intended for electroheating (EH) and electroheating based treatment technologies as well as for electromagnetic processing of materials (EPM). This fifth edition cancels and replaces the fourth edition published in 2010. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

a) The title and scope of the standard has been expanded to include installations and equipment for electromagnetic processing of materials.

b) Terms and definitions as well as the list of normative references have been updated and completed with new items.

c) The requirements have been restructured.

d) Additional requirements for electric and magnetic fields, for touch currents as well as for optical radiation have been added.

e) New clauses addressing verification have been added.

f) New annexes specifying limits of exposure hazards for electric and magnetic fields, optical radiation, noise and vibration have been added.

g) New annexes on EMC, markings and warnings, guidelines for using this standard and information on the connection to ISO 13577-1 have been added.

Standard NumberBS EN 60519-1:2015
TitleSafety in installations for electroheating and electromagnetic processing. General requirements
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date30 June 2015
Cross ReferencesIEC 60071-1, IEC 60204-1:2005, IEC 60204-1:2005/AMD1:2008, IEC 60204-11:2000, IEC 60228, IEC 60335-1:2010, IEC 603355-1:2010/AMD1:2013, IEC 60335-2-24, IEC 60335-2-89, IEC 60364-1:2005, IEC 60364-4-41, IEC 60364-4-42, IEC 60364-4-44, IEC 60364-5-53, IEC 60364-5-54, IEC 60398, IEC 60417, IEC 60445, IEC 60529, IEC 60664-1, IEC 60825-1, IEC 60865-1, IEC 60909-0, IEC 60990:1999, IEC 61000-3-3, IEC TS 61000-3-5, IEC TR 61000-3-6, IEC 61000-3-11, IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-4, IEC 61010-1:2010, IEC 61082-1, IEC 61310, IEC 61326-3-1, IEC 61508, IEC 61672-1, IEC 61672-2, IEC 61786-1, IEC 61786-22, IEC 61936-1, IEC 62061, IEC 62471:2006, IEC 82079-1, CISPR 11, IEC Guide 104, ISO/IEC Guide 51, ISO 3746, ISO 3864-1, ISO 6385, ISO 7000, ISO 12100:2010, ISO 13577-1, ISO 13577-2, ISO 13732-1, ISO 13849, ISO 13850, ISO 13855, ISO 13857, ISO 14119, ISO 14120, ISO 14159, ISO 19353, EN 60071-1, EN 60204-1:2006, EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009, EN 60204-1:2006+corrigendum Feb.:2010, EN 60204-11:2000, EN 60204-11:2000+corrigendum Feb.:2010, EN 60228, EN 60228+corrigendum May, EN 60335-1:2012, EN 60335-1:201
ReplacesBS EN 60519-1:2011
International RelationshipsEN 60519-1:2015,IEC 60519-1:2015
Draft Superseded By13/30277685 DC
DescriptorsHazards, Classification systems, Equipment safety, Arc furnaces, Rated voltage, Infrared radiation, Heaters, Induction furnaces, Lasers, Inspection, Electrical equipment, Rated frequencies, Safety devices, Electric heaters, Industrial, Electric furnaces, Induction heaters, Electron beams, Resistance furnaces, Heating equipment, Installation, Safety measures, Microwave devices, Occupational safety, Electrical safety
Title in FrenchSécurité dans les installations destinées au traitement électrothermique et électromagnétique. Exigences générales
Title in GermanSicherheit in Elektrowärmeanlagen und Anlagen für elektromagnetische Bearbeitungsprozesse. Allgemeine Anforderungen
ISBN978 0 580 81858 5
File Size1.807 MB

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