BS EN 16500:2014 - Machines for compacting waste materials or recyclable fractions. Vertical baling presses. Safety requirements

BS EN 16500:2014

Machines for compacting waste materials or recyclable fractions. Vertical baling presses. Safety requirements

Status : Current, Under review   Published : August 2014
Conformity to regulation : Designated



This European Standard specifies the safety requirements for the design, manufacture and information for safe use of vertical baling presses for compacting waste material or recyclable fractions (e. g. paper, plastics, textiles, cans, cardboard, mixed waste), hereafter referred to as materials.

This standard covers vertical baling presses:

  • that are manually or mechanically fed; and

  • with fixed enclosed baling chambers (single or multiple chamber presses); and

  • with a mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically operated compacting equipment; and

  • where the compacted bale is tied manually in the baling chamber; and

  • with manual unloading or mechanical ejection of the compacted bale.

The scope of this standard includes any mechanical feed equipment, such as belt type conveyors or bin lifts, forming an integral part of the baling press assembly. It also includes integral material flow control equipment.

This standard does not apply to:

  • vertical baling presses without fixed enclosed baling chamber(s); or

  • round balers or roll baling machines; or

  • machines where the material is compacted into a bag; or

  • pneumatic conveying systems; or

  • equipment for transporting the bales; or

  • local exhaust ventilation for the removal of dusts or vapours; or

  • hazards arising from any integral pre-conditioning equipment; or

  • hazards arising from the materials being processed (e.g. asbestos, clinical waste, flammable or explosive materials, unhealthy or poisonous waste).

This standard does not apply to cranes, lift trucks or other mobile plant used to load materials into the feed opening. Nor does it apply to hazards arising from loading materials into the feed opening using cranes, lift trucks or other mobile plant.

This standard does not include specifications to meet the requirements of the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

All hazards mentioned in Clause 4 are dealt with in this European Standard.

This European Standard is not applicable for vertical baling presses which are manufactured before the date of its publication as an EN.

Standard NumberBS EN 16500:2014
TitleMachines for compacting waste materials or recyclable fractions. Vertical baling presses. Safety requirements
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date31 August 2014
Conformity to regulationDesignated
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Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO/TR 11688-1:1995, ISO/TR 11688-2:1998, 2006/42/EC, EN ISO 11688-2:2000, EN ISO 11200:2014, EN ISO 11688-1:2009, ISO 11200:2014
International RelationshipsEN 16500:2014
Draft Superseded By12/30270038 DC
DescriptorsErgonomics, Zones of reach, Human body, Safety measures, Occupational safety, Equipment safety, Anthropometric characteristics, Crushing (accident), Accident prevention
Title in FrenchMachines de compactage pour déchets ou matières recyclables. Presses à balles verticales. Prescriptions de sécurité
Title in GermanMaschinen zum Verdichten von Abfällen oder recyclebaren Materialien. Vertikale Ballenpressen. Sicherheitsanforderungen
ISBN978 0 580 80430 4
File Size1.24 MB

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