BS EN ISO 22476-1:2012 Geotechnical investigation and testing. Field testing. Electrical cone and piezocone penetration test

BS EN ISO 22476-1:2012

Geotechnical investigation and testing. Field testing. Electrical cone and piezocone penetration test

Status : Under review, Current   Published : February 2013



BS EN ISO 22476-1:2012 Geotechnical investigation and testing. Field testing. Electrical cone and piezocone penetration test

The electrical cone penetration test (CPT) consists of pushing a cone penetrometer using a series of push rods into the soil at a constant rate of penetration. During penetration, measurements of cone resistance and sleeve friction are recorded. The piezocone penetration test (CPTU) also includes the measurement of pore pressures around the cone.

The test results can be used for interpretation of stratification, classification of soil type and evaluation of engineering soil parameters. Two International Standards define cone penetration tests: ISO 22476-1 defines CPT and CPTU practice using electronic transducers; ISO 22476-12 defines CPT practice using mechanical measuring systems.

BS EN ISO 22476-1:2012 deals with equipment requirements, the execution of and reporting on electrical cone and piezocone penetration tests.

Contents for BS EN ISO 22476-1:2012 includes:

Normative references

Terms, definitions and symbols
Terms and definitions

Cone penetrometer
Surface roughness
Friction sleeve
Filter element
Gaps and soil seals
Push rods
Measuring system
Thrust machine

Test procedures
Selection of cone penetrometer
Selection of equipment and procedures
Position and level of thrust machine
Preparation of the test
Pushing of the cone penetrometer
Use of friction reducer
Frequency of logging parameters
Registration of penetration length
Dissipation test
Test completion
Equipment checks and calibrations
Safety requirements

Test results
Measured parameters
Correction of parameters
Calculated parameters

Reporting of test results
Presentation of test results
Presentation of test results and calculated parameters

This British Standard is the UK implementation of EN ISO 22476-1:2012. It is identical to ISO 22476-1:2012, incorporating corrigendum January 2013. It partially supersedes BS 1377-9:1990, specifically Clause 3.1, and also BS 5930:1999+A2:2010, which is being revised to remove any conflicting material. Where conflict arises between BS EN ISO 22476-1 and either BS 1377-9:1990 or BS 5930:1990+A2:2010, the provisions of BS EN ISO 22476-1:2012 take precedence. In BS 5930:1999+A2:2010, specifically in Clause 26.3, where any mention to Clause 3.1 in BS 1377-9:1990 or to the ‘International Reference Test Procedure’ is found, they should all be replaced by a reference to BS EN ISO 22476-1:2012.

ISO 22476 consists of the following parts, under the general title Geotechnical investigation and testing — Field testing:

  • Part 1: Electrical cone and piezocone penetration test
  • Part 2: Dynamic probing
  • Part 3: Standard penetration test
  • Part 4: Ménard pressuremeter test
  • Part 5: Flexible dilatometer test
  • Part 7: Borehole jack test
  • Part 9: Field vane test
  • Part 10: Weight sounding test [Technical Specification]
  • Part 11: Flat dilatometer test [Technical Specification]
  • Part 12: Mechanical cone penetration test (CPTM)

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 22476-1:2012
TitleGeotechnical investigation and testing. Field testing. Electrical cone and piezocone penetration test
StatusUnder review, Current
Publication Date28 February 2013
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 8503, ISO 10012
Informative References(Provided for Information)WECC DOC. 19-1990, NORSOK G-001:2004, EN 1997-1, SGI Report 42:1991, EN 1997-2, ISO 22475-1, ISO 14688-2:2017
ReplacesBS 1377-9:1990
International RelationshipsISO 22476-1:2012/Cor 1:2013,ISO 22476-1:2012,EN ISO 22476-1:2012
DescriptorsPenetration tests, Soil testing, Soil mechanics, Site investigations, Deformation, Physical property measurement, Soil strength tests, Soil-testing equipment, Soils, Soil profile, Field testing
Title in FrenchReconnaissance et essais géotechniques. Essais en place. Essai de pénétration au cône électrique et au piézocône
Title in GermanGeotechnische Erkundung und Untersuchung. Felduntersuchungen. Drucksondierungen mit elektrischen Messwertaufnehmern und Messeinrichtungen für den Porenwasserdruck
ISBN978 0 580 77121 7
File Size1.239 MB

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