BS EN ISO 10961:2012 - Gas cylinders. Cylinder bundles. Design, manufacture, testing and inspection

BS EN ISO 10961:2012

Gas cylinders. Cylinder bundles. Design, manufacture, testing and inspection

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : July 2010



ISO 10961:2010 specifies the requirements for the design, construction, testing and initial inspection of a transportable cylinder bundle. It is applicable to cylinder bundles containing compressed gas, liquefied gas and mixtures thereof. It is also applicable to cylinder bundles for acetylene. It does not apply to packages in which cylinders are manifolded together in a support frame which is designed to be fixed permanently to a road vehicle, to a railway wagon or to the ground as a customer storage vessel. It does not apply to cylinder bundles which are designed for use in extreme environmental or operational conditions when additional and extraordinary requirements are imposed to maintain safety standards, reliability and performance, e.g. offshore cylinder bundles. Specific requirements for acetylene cylinder bundles containing acetylene in a solvent are included in an annex. ISO 10961 does not, however, cover acetylene cylinder bundles with solvent-free acetylene cylinders. ISO 10961 is intended primarily for industrial gases other than liquefied petroleum gases (LPGs), but it may also be used for LPGs.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 10961:2012
TitleGas cylinders. Cylinder bundles. Design, manufacture, testing and inspection
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date31 July 2010
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 10297, ISO 13769:2018, BS EN ISO 13769:2018, ISO 7225, ISO 14113
Informative References(Provided for Information)ASME B31.3, EN 13133, EN 1291, ASTM E2261, ASTM E390, EN 1593, ASTM E273, ISO 10298, ISO 11114-2, ISO 15607, ASTM E1312, EN 1290, ASTM E165, ISO 11114-1, EN 13134, ISO 10286, EN 1779, ISO 9606-1, ASTM E709, ISO 80000-4, ISO 32:1977
ReplacesBS EN 13769:2003
International RelationshipsISO 10961:2010,EN ISO 10961:2012
Amended ByCorrigendum, June 2012; Amendment, July 2006
DescriptorsLiquefied gases, Gases, Design, Compressed gases, Acetylene, Marking, Identification methods, Gas cylinders, Testing, Production, Pressure vessels, Transportable, Multiple, Inspection
Title in FrenchBouteilles à gaz. Cadres de bouteilles. Conception, fabrication, essais et inspection
Title in GermanGasflaschen. Flaschenbündel. Auslegung, Herstellung, Prüfung und Inspektion
ISBN978 0 580 75514 9
File Size1.495 MB
NotesISO 10961:2010 2nd edition.

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