BS 8552:2012 Sampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems. Code of practice

BS 8552:2012

Sampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems. Code of practice

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : November 2012



What is this standard about?

BS 8552:2012 covers the particular issues of sampling water from closed-circuit heating and cooling systems in buildings and related infrastructure.

Who is this standard for?

  • Water engineers and technicians
  • Building services managers
  • Health and safety/quality managers
  • Environmental health officials
  • Water testing/monitoring/sampling professionals

Why should you use this standard?

The purpose of sampling a closed-circuit water system is to provide information about the current condition of that system and/or the water within it. That might include, but is not limited to, water treatment status, water quality, bacteriological contamination and corrosion activity. Confidence in the results obtained, which are crucially dependent on consistent sampling and analysis protocols, is extremely important to industry.

BS 8552:2012 gives recommendations for the design of the sampling programme during each phase of the system lifecycle, including the location and suitability of sampling points and frequency of sampling and recordkeeping, to facilitate the control of closed system water quality throughout the life of the building.

It also gives guidance on procedures for the collection, preservation, handling and storage of samples prior to analysis and the selection of the analytical parameters appropriate to the sampled system and life stage.

Standard NumberBS 8552:2012
TitleSampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems. Code of practice
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date30 November 2012
Confirm Date01 May 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 1427, BS ISO 17381, BS EN 15216, BS 6068-2.34, BS EN 872, BS EN ISO 9963-1, BS 6068-2.11, BSRIA BG29, BS EN ISO 5667-3, BS ISO 10523, BS EN 27888
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN ISO 13720, BS 2879, BS EN ISO 19458, ISO 5667-7, BS 7592, BS 2486, BS EN ISO 10304-1, BS ISO 5667-5, NACE TM0194-1994, BS EN ISO 16264, BS EN ISO 6222, BS EN ISO 11885, BS 6068-6.7:1994
Draft Superseded By12/30215289 DC
DescriptorsSeawater, Ammonium inorganic compounds, Ammoniacal nitrogen, Absorptiometry, Calibration, Water resources, Quality, Ammonia, Water, Interferences (chemical), Spectrophotometry, Ion-exchange methods, Chemical analysis and testing, Effluents (sewage), Colorimetry, Sewage, Water testing, Determination of content, Accuracy, Wastes, Potable water, Distillation methods of analysis, Precision, Photometry (chemical analysis)
ISBN978 0 580 70237 2
File Size252 KB

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