BS 6180:2011 Barriers in and about buildings. Code of practice

BS 6180:2011

Barriers in and about buildings. Code of practice

Status : Current, Under review   Published : March 2011



What is this standard about?

It supplies guidance on building temporary and permanent barriers around buildings to protect people.

Who is this standard for?

  • Those responsible for designing and manufacturing barriers
  • Health and safety managers and auditors

Why should you use this standard?

BS 6180:2011 gives the latest recommendations and guidance for the construction of barriers in and around buildings.

It provides a comprehensive guide to the design, structure, height and strength of barriers. This includes recommendations on all materials used such as aluminium and copper alloys, concrete, plastic, steel, stone and wood.

The standard applies to temporary and permanent barriers designed to protect people from hazards, restrict access or control vehicle traffic. It outlines requirements for protective, crash and crush barriers as well as those that impose a speed limit of up to 16km/h (4.44m/s or 10miles/h).

The standard does not apply to areas or buildings designed for spectator sports, construction sites or barriers to protect children younger than 24 months.

Compliance with BS 6180 will guide you through the process of designing and constructing barriers, including measuring safety, reinforcing structures and testing corrosive or flammable qualities.

What’s changed since the last update?

This standard is a full revision of the 1999 edition and introduces the following changes:

  • Inclusion of Table 2 on minimum horizontal imposed loads for parapets, barriers and balustrades
  • Changes to the rules on deflection given in 6.4.1

Standard NumberBS 6180:2011
TitleBarriers in and about buildings. Code of practice
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date31 March 2011
Confirm Date01 June 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 4767, BS EN 12206-1, BS EN 12167, BS 8221, BS 7668, ISO 7599:2010, BS EN 572-3, BS EN 12600, BS EN 10216-5, BS 6262, BS EN 1930, BS EN 1011-2, BS EN 1011-1, BS EN 10217-7, ISO 1461:2009, BS 5350, BS EN ISO 14122, BS EN ISO 1461, BS EN 10088-3, BS EN ISO 6158, BS 14491, BS EN 1992, BS EN 1090-1, BS 4592-0, BS 8417, BS EN 1996, BS EN 572-6, BS EN ISO 2063, BS EN 10219-2, BS EN ISO 7599:2018, BS EN 1982:2017, BS EN 1090-2:2018, BS EN 1991-1-1:2002, BS 4921:1988, BS EN 10219-1, BS 6206, BS EN ISO 2560, PD 6484, BS EN 1993, DD CEN/TS 15680, BS 3987, BS 6496, BS EN 1999, BS EN 15644, BS 952-1, BS 6100, BS 3416, BS EN 10253-1, BS EN 10025, BS EN 10143, BS EN 10029, BS EN 1991-1-4, BS EN 10210, BS EN 12164, BS EN 1995, BS EN 12163, BS 4842, BS EN 13200, BS EN 10088-2
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 6150, BS 5493, BS 5642-2, BS 6270-3, BS EN ISO 3882, BS 6779, BS 4729, BS 6446
ReplacesBS 6180:1999
Draft Superseded By10/30212801 DC
DescriptorsConstruction systems parts, Design, Thermosetting polymers, Stone, Crash barriers, Height, Aluminium alloys, Buildings, Steels, Flammability, Structural design, Corrosion resistance, Crush barriers, Protective barriers, Glass, Impact strength, Reinforcing materials, Glazing, Corrosion tests, Composite materials, Loading, Safety devices, Plastics, Copper alloys, Fixing, Installation, Concretes, Deformation, Barriers, Wood
Title in FrenchClôtures dans et autour des bâtiments. Code de bonne pratique
Title in GermanSchranken innerhalb und außerhalb Gebäuden. Leitfaden
ISBN978 0 580 69739 5
File Size4.046 MB

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