BS EN 61400-4:2013 - Wind turbines. Design requirements for wind turbine gea

BS EN 61400-4:2013

Wind turbines. Design requirements for wind turbine gea

Status : Current   Published : April 2013



IEC 61400-4:2012(E) is applicable to enclosed speed increasing gearboxes for horizontal axis wind turbine drivetrains with a power rating in excess of 500 kW. This standard applies to wind turbines installed onshore or offshore. It provides guidance on the analysis of the wind turbine loads in relation to the design of the gear and gearbox elements. The gearing elements covered by this standard include such gears as spur, helical or double helical and their combinations in parallel and epicyclic arrangements in the main power path. The standard is based on gearbox designs using rolling element bearings. Also included is guidance on the engineering of shafts, shaft hub interfaces, bearings and the gear case structure in the development of a fully integrated design that meets the rigours of the operating conditions. Lubrication of the transmission is covered along with prototype and production testing. Finally, guidance is provided on the operation and maintenance of the gearbox.

Standard NumberBS EN 61400-4:2013
TitleWind turbines. Design requirements for wind turbine gea
Publication Date30 April 2013
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 12680-3:2003, ISO 4288, ISO 5725-2:2019, ISO 76, ISO 14104:2017, BS ISO 5725-2:2019, ISO 15243:2004, ISO 6336-1:2006, ISO 12925-1, ISO 683, ISO 6336-6:2006, IEC 61400-3, ISO/TS 16281:2008, ISO/TR 13989-1, ISO 6336-5:2003, ISO/TR 13593, ISO 281:2007, EN 61400-3, ISO 6336, EN 61400-1:2005, ISO 14635-1:2000, IEC/TS 61400-13, ISO 1328-1, IEC 60050, ISO/TR 10064-3, IEC 61400-1:2005, ISO/TR 13989-2, EN 61400-22:2011, ISO 4287, ISO 6336-3:2006, EN ISO 4288, EN ISO 4287, IEC 61400-22:2010, ISO 4406, ISO 6336-2:2006
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 10825, ISO 13357-2:2017, ISO 1122-1, ISO 13357-1:2017, ISO 2160, EN 10204:2004, ISO 5593, ISO 2394, DIN 3960, ISO 21771, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 1328-2, ASTM D2983, ASTM D892, DIN 51819-1, ISO/TR 1281-1, ISO 16889, DIN 51509-1, ASTM D665, ASTM D130, ISO/TR 15144-1, ISO 12107, ISO/TR 14179, ISO 10474, ISO 11007, VDI 3834-1, ASTM D2893, ISO 13226:2005, ISO 8579-2, ISO/TR 1281-2, ISO 8579-1, DIN 45667, ISO 7120, ISO 14635-2
ReplacesBS ISO 81400-4:2005
International RelationshipsEN 60598-2-12:2006,EN 61400-4:2013,IEC 61400-4:2012
Draft Superseded By11/30210938 DC
DescriptorsMechanical transmission systems, Gear drives, Wind turbines, Electric machines, Gear boxes, Bearings, Turbines, Lubrication, Electric generators, Wind-electric power stations
Title in FrenchEoliennes. Exigences de conception des boîtes de vitesses pour éoliennes
Title in GermanWindenergieanlagen. Auslegungsanforderungen für Getriebe von Windenergieanlagen
ISBN978 0 580 69337 3
File Size4.371 MB

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