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BS EN 12845:2004+A2:2009

Fixed firefighting systems. Automatic sprinkler systems. Design, installation and maintenance

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : November 2004 Replaced By : BS EN 12845:2015+A1:2019

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What is BS EN 12845:2004+A2:2009?

BS EN 12845 sets out the minimum requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of fixed fire sprinklers in buildings and industrial plants. These best-practice recommendations also apply to any addition, extension, repair or modification to built-in fire extinguishers. BS EN 12845 looks at the classification systems of hazards, the provision of water supply, and the components that are used in the installation, performance testing, maintenance and the extension of existing systems. It also identifies the construction details of buildings.

How does it work?

BS EN 12845 starts by looking at the contract planning and documentation for fire sprinklers, before defining the extent of sprinkler protection. It then explains the classification of occupancies and fire hazards, hydraulic design criteria and the types of water supply. Other topics include pumps, pipe sizing and layout, sprinkler design, valves, and alarms and alarm devices.

Who should buy it?

  • Building managers
  • Facility managers
  • Fire safety officers
  • Health and safety officers
  • Occupational health and safety officers
  • Organizations responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems

Why BSI?

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Standard NumberBS EN 12845:2004+A2:2009
TitleFixed firefighting systems. Automatic sprinkler systems. Design, installation and maintenance
StatusRevised, Superseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date16 November 2004
Withdrawn Date31 December 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 12723, IEC 60947-4-1:2000, EN 50342-1, EN 12259-5, EN 12259-4, EN 50342-2, IEC 60623:2001, EN 287-1, EN 54-1, EN 54-10, EN 60623:2017, ISO 3677:1992, EN 54-5, EN 54-2, EN 60947-4, EN 12259-12, EN 54-4, ISO 65, EN 54-3, EN 60529, EN 1057, EN 54-11, EN 1254, ISO 3046, EN 60947-1, EN 12259-1, EN 12259-3, IEC 60947-1:2007, EN 12259-2, EN ISO 3677, IEC 60529:1989
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 9001:2000, EN 671, EN ISO 9001
Replaced ByBS EN 12845:2015+A1:2019
ReplacesBS EN 12845:2003
International RelationshipsEN 12845:2004
Amended ByCorrigendum, August 2009; Amendment, July 2009
DescriptorsFixed, Design, Firefighting equipment, Water supply (buildings), Performance testing, Fire sprinklers, Automatic control systems, Fire safety in buildings, Fire extinguishers, Maintenance, Installation, Fire extinguishers (built-in), Classification systems, Hazards
Title in FrenchInstallations fixes de lutte contre l'incendie. Systèmes d'extinction automatiques du type sprinkleur. Conception, installation et maintenance
Title in GermanOrtsfeste Brandbekämpfungsanlagen. Automatische Sprinkleranlagen. Planung, Installation und Instandhaltung
ISBN978 0 580 68733 4
File Size1.613 MB
NotesThis standard is the subject of transitional arrangements agreed under a European Commission mandate and is intended to lead to CE marking in support of the Construction Products Directive. In order to allow for any changes in national regulations, the Commission in consultation with Member States have agreed a transition period for the co-existence of EN 12845 and corresponding national standards. Therefore at the end of this period BS 5306-2:1990 will be withdrawn.

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Customer Relations, +44 345 086 9001
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