BS 3643-1:2007 - ISO metric screw threads. Principles and basic data – BSI British Standards

BS 3643-1:2007

ISO metric screw threads. Principles and basic data

Status : Current   Published : November 2007



This part of BS 3643 gives a compilation of principles and basic data for single-start, parallel screw threads having the ISO basic profile for triangular screw threads.

The clauses in this standard have been so arranged that each relates directly to the relevant ISO standard. Each clause maintains as far as possible the ISO format, to enable direct cross reference with the ISO standards.

BS 3643-1:2007 contains:

  • Terms and definitions and symbols
  • Basic profile
  • General plan
  • Basic dimensions
  • Tolerances – Principles and basic data
  • Tolerances – Deviations for constructional thread
  • Tolerances – Limits of sizes for hot-dip galvanized external screw threads to mate with internal screw threads tapped with tolerance position H or G after galvanizing
  • Tolerances – Limits of sizes for internal screw threads to mate with hot-dip galvanized external screw threads with maximum size of tolerance position h before galvanizing

This part of BS 3643 supersedes BS 3643-1:1981, which is withdrawn.

This part of BS 3643 has been revised to bring it up to date. The 1981edition of the standard was based on ISO 68:1963, ISO 261:1973, ISO 724:1968, ISO 965-1:1980 and ISO 965-3:1980. These standards have all been withdrawn and superseded and this part of BS 3643 has been revised to reflect the latest editions of these standards

Standard NumberBS 3643-1:2007
TitleISO metric screw threads. Principles and basic data
Publication Date30 November 2007
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 919-3, BS 6528:1984
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN ISO 898-1, BS ISO 965-4, BS EN 20898-2, BS ISO 261, BS ISO 262, BS ISO 965-5, BS ISO 68-1, PD 6494, BS 3643-2, BS ISO 965-3, BS ISO 965-1, ISO 724, BS EN ISO 4042:2000
ReplacesBS 3643-1:1981
Amended ByCorrigendum, August 2009
DescriptorsThreads, ISO metric threads, Thread forms, Nuts, Length, Diameter, Dimensions, Thread pitch, Dimensional tolerances, Bolts
Title in FrenchSpécification pour les filetages métriques ISO. Principes et données fondamentales
Title in GermanSpezifikation für metrisches ISO-Gewinde. Grundlagen und Grunddaten
ISBN978 0 580 68655 9
File Size864 KB

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