Understanding ISO 9001:2008 and Process-based Management Systems - BSI - Ian Rosam - Rob Peddle

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BIP 2013:2009

Understanding ISO 9001:2008 and process-based management systems (Second Edition)

Status : Current   Published : July 2009



Please note this book was written based on the 2008 edition of the standard

Understanding ISO 9001:2008 and Process-based Management Systems (second edition)

Ian Rosam and Rob Peddle

  • Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2008
  • To be used by all organizations and across all sectors, by those planning, implementing or maintaining a quality management system (QMS), or looking to improve business performance.

ISO 9001:2008 and QMSs are widely used, but in order to recognize their full benefit an organization needs to know exactly what they mean for them in practice.

Understanding ISO 9001:2008 and Process-based Management Systems decodes the standard, explaining it in business terms. The book will help the reader to understand exactly how their organization operates. By focusing on identifying and delivering the organization’s business objectives, this user-friendly guide shows how the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 can be met.

This book examines the impact of process-based management, outlines what is required to achieve certification ,and advises how to build the foundations for business improvement beyond ISO 9001:2008. It shows how to maximize the benefits of a QMS by applying it appropriately, and how overall business performance can be enhanced.

Contents of the book include:

  • Foreword
  • Business first/standards second - the context
  • ISO 9001:2008 in overview - the 'what'
  • Business process management - the 'how'
  • ISO 9001:2008 in more detail - the 'gap'
  • Where next - the 'implementation plan'
  • References

How “Quality” is applied within organizations is evolving. A quality management system needs to focus on how an organization operates day-to-day to deliver business objectives in an effective way.

This fully updated three-book series reflects the ISO 9001:2008 revisions and current learning on key issues. It sets out the practical steps needed to build a sustainable, scalable and business-focused process-based management system, which it places at the heart of the organization.

By helping to understand the risks to an organization’s continued performance, and by feeding this information back in to the management system, this series enables business processes to be a solid foundation for whatever the future might hold. 

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About the authors

Ian Rosam and Rob Peddle are directors of the HPO (High Performance Organisation Group) and between them have a wealth of management experience. They have developed new and innovative approaches to ‘management by process’ and helped organizations of all sizes, from all sectors, improve their business performance. At the heart of this is the effective identification and management of their business processes. They have a deep-seated belief that the management of business processes is fundamental to an organization’s business success.

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Standard NumberBIP 2013:2009
TitleUnderstanding ISO 9001:2008 and process-based management systems (Second Edition)
Publication Date29 July 2009
DescriptorsQuality assurance systems, Quality management, Management, Quality, Conformity, Planning, Process control, Certification (approval) Quality and Management
ISBN978 0 580 67656 7
File Size1.728 MB

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