BS EN 60060-1:2010 High-voltage test techniques. General definitions and test requirements

BS EN 60060-1:2010

High-voltage test techniques. General definitions and test requirements

Status : Current   Published : February 2011



What is BS EN 60060-1:2010?

BS EN 60060-1 provides definitions and requirements for high voltage tests. It applies to dielectric tests with direct voltage; alternating voltage; impulse voltage; or combined or composite voltages.

How does it work?

BS EN 60060-1 starts with the general requirements for testing procedures, including atmospheric dry tests, wet tests and artificial pollution tests. It also covers tests with direct, alternating, lightning-impulse and switching-impulse voltages. 

Who should buy it?

  • Electric engineers
  • Anyone responsible for doing high voltage tests

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Standard NumberBS EN 60060-1:2010
TitleHigh-voltage test techniques. General definitions and test requirements
Publication Date28 February 2011
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 62475, EN 60060-2, IEC 60060-2, EN 62475, EN 60507:1993, EN 60270, IEC 61083-2, EN 61083-2, IEC 60507:1991, IEC 60270, EN 61083-1, IEC 61083-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 62271-1:2017, IEC 60071-1:2006, IEC 60060-3, GUM:1995
ReplacesBS 923-1:1990, IEC 60060-1:1989
International RelationshipsEN 60060-1:2010,IEC 60060-1:2010
Draft Superseded By05/30131259 DC06/30149569 DC
DescriptorsDielectric-strength tests, Statistical methods of analysis, Testing conditions, Tolerances (measurement), Mathematical calculations, Electrical testing, Withstand voltage, Test equipment, High-voltage tests, Measurement characteristics, Impulse-voltage tests, Lightning, Experimental data
Title in FrenchTechnique des essais à haute tension. Définitions et exigences générales
Title in GermanHochspannungs-Prüftechnik. Allgemeine Begriffe und Prüfbedingungen
ISBN978 0 580 68953 6
File Size1.837 MB

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