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BS EN ISO 17660-1:2006

Welding. Welding of reinforcing steel. Load-bearing welded joints

Status : Current   Published : March 2008



Reinforcing steel bars are produced by a number of process routes and usually have a ribbed profile. Taking these issues into account, it is apparent that both the welder and the welding coordinator require a specific level of skill and job knowledge and that special procedures for quality assurance need to be adopted.

BS EN ISO 17660-1 is applicable to the welding of weldable reinforcing steel and stainless reinforcing steel of load-bearing joints, in workshops or on site. It specifies requirements for materials, design and execution of welded joints, welding personnel, quality requirements, examination and testing.

BS EN ISO 17660-1also covers welded joints between reinforcing steel bars and other steel components, such as connection devices and insert anchors, including prefabricated assemblies. Non load-bearing joints are covered by BS EN ISO 17660-2.

BS EN ISO 17660-1 is not applicable to factory production of welding fabric and lattice girders using multiple spot welding machines or multiple projection welding machines.

The requirements of BS EN ISO 17660-1 are only applicable to static loaded structures.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 17660-1:2006
TitleWelding. Welding of reinforcing steel. Load-bearing welded joints
Publication Date31 March 2008
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 14732, ISO 15620, EN 10079, ISO 15614-1, ISO 15630-1, ISO 16020, ISO 5817, ISO 15609-5, ISO 15614-12, ISO 3834-3, ISO 15630-2, ISO 9606-1, ISO 14731, ISO 15614-13, ISO 15609-2, EN 10164:2018, EN 10080, ISO 15609-1, BS EN 10164:2018
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 4063, ISO 6947, ISO 17660-2, EWF 544-01, ISO/TR 17671-2
ReplacesBS 7123:1989
International RelationshipsISO 17660-1:2006,EN ISO 17660-1:2006
Amended ByCorrigendum, December 2008
DescriptorsWelding, Stainless steels, Quality assurance, Structures, Test specimens, Welders, Arc welding, Bars (materials), Reinforced concrete, Static loading, Inspection, Structural steels, Approval testing, Reinforcing steels, Acceptance (approval), Certification (approval), Welded joints
Title in FrenchSoudage. Soudage des aciers d'armatures. Assemblages transmettant des efforts
Title in GermanSchweißen. Schweißen von Betonstahl. Tragende Schweißverbindungen
ISBN978 0 580 65546 3
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