BS EN ISO 8253-1:2010 - Acoustics. Audiometric test methods. Pure-tone air and bone conduction audiometry

BS EN ISO 8253-1:2010

Acoustics. Audiometric test methods. Pure-tone air and bone conduction audiometry

Status : Current, Under review   Published : January 2011



Standard NumberBS EN ISO 8253-1:2010
TitleAcoustics. Audiometric test methods. Pure-tone air and bone conduction audiometry
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date31 January 2011
Confirm Date22 September 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008, ISO 389-1:2017, ISO 389-3:1994, ISO 389-2, GUM:1995, IEC 61260, ISO 389-8, IEC 61672-1, IEC 60645-1:2001, ISO 389-5
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60318-3, ISO 389-7, IEC 60318-1, IEC 60318-6, IEC 60318-5, IEC 60318-4, ISO 389-4, ISO 4869-1:2018, BS EN ISO 4869-1:2018
ReplacesBS 6655:1986, EN 26189:1991,ISO 6189:1983, BS EN ISO 8253-1:1998
International RelationshipsEN ISO 8253-1:2010,ISO 8253-1:2010
Draft Superseded By08/30189820 DC
DescriptorsHearing (auditory perception), Acoustics, Audiometry, Symbols, Position, Test equipment, Calibration, Acoustic measurement, Auditory threshold, Maintenance, Acoustic testing
Title in FrenchAcoustique. Méthodes d'essais audiométriques. Audiométrie à sons purs en conduction aérienne et en conduction osseuse
Title in GermanAkustik. Audiometrische Prüfverfahren. Grundlegende Verfahren der Luft- und Knochenleitungs-Schwellenaudiometrie mit reinen Tönen
ISBN978 0 580 64527 3
File Size1.206 MB

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