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BS ISO/IEC 29141:2009

Information technology. Biometrics. Tenprint capture using biometric application programming interface (BioAPI)

Status : Current   Published : January 2010



BS ISO/IEC 29141:2009 Information technology. Biometrics. Tenprint capture using biometric application programming interface (BioAPI)

BS ISO/IEC 29141 is the standard that specifies how a BioAPI application can interact with a BioAPI framework to support a tenprint capture (capture of the fingerprints of all ten fingers). It specifies and supports the deployment of large-scale identity management and credentialing systems (which often require a tenprint capture as part of the identity vetting and background-checking process).

BS ISO/IEC 29141 provides additional standardization of fields (that are left undefined in BioAPI), in order to standardize the support for a tenprint capture, but is in all other respects a profiling of BioAPI to support the tenprint capture.

BS ISO/IEC 29141 defines a biometric data block format for carrying the data obtained from a tenprint capture. It specifies all the parameters, function calls, and other information needed by an application for the use of BioAPI in support of tenprint capture.

It also specifies the conformance requirements on a biometric service provider that supports tenprint capture using BS ISO/IEC 29141.

BS ISO/IEC 29141 specifies requirements for the use of ISO/IEC 19784-1, as amended by ISO/IEC 19784-1/Amd. 1 (BioAPI) for the purpose of performing a tenprint capture operation.

It specifies a BDB format that is used to interact with a BioAPI framework (and hence with BSPs) to support an application wishing to perform a tenprint capture.

It specifies a capture control block and a capture output block that conforming BSPs are required to support if they conform to this International Standard.

Contents of BS ISO/IEC 29141 include

  • Scope
  • Conformance
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • Abbreviated terms
  • Requirements
  • BioAPI function calls
  • BioAPI_ControlUnit()
  • Usage
  • Function definition
  • Parameters
  • Function definition Parameters
  • Additional error return codes
  • BioAPI_QueryUnits()
  • Function definition
  • Parameters
  • Capture control blocks (CCB)
  • Record types and fields
  • Control and required fields
  • Image height and width
  • Image data
  • Amputated or bandaged fingers
  • Type-4 records
  • Type-14 records
  • Capture resolution
  • Image compression
  • Selecting images to be captured
  • Calculation of finger segment position
  • Segmentation quality
  • Image quality
  • Setting quality thresholds
  • Bits per pixel
  • Date printed
  • Image capture equipment
  • Returned BIR
  • BIR header
  • BDB format
  • Error codes
  • Unable to parse
  • Roll capture not supported
  • Slap capture not supported
  • Segment position calculation not supported
  • Quality algorithm not supported
  • Compression algorithm not supported
  • Segment position calculation algorithm not supported
  • Image resolution not supported
  • Type-4 records not supported
  • Type-14 records not supported
  • Finger position not supported
  • Example capture orders
  • Example capture control blocks (CCB) for acquisition of images
  • Three slaps (FANC TOT)
  • Ten plain impressions (no TOT)
  • BioAPI calling sequence example

Standard NumberBS ISO/IEC 29141:2009
TitleInformation technology. Biometrics. Tenprint capture using biometric application programming interface (BioAPI)
Publication Date31 January 2010
Cross ReferencesANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2007, ISO/IEC 19784-1
International RelationshipsISO/IEC 29141:2009
Draft Superseded By08/30189427 DC
DescriptorsData processing, Information exchange, Human body, Identification methods, Biometrics, Fingers, Fingerprinting, Application program interface, Interfaces (data processing), Data representation
Title in FrenchTechnologies de l'information Biométrie. Saisie de 'Tenprint' à l'aide de l'interface de programmation d'application biométrique (BioAPI)
Title in GermanInformationstechnik. Biometrie. "Tenprint" Erfassung unter Benutzung der Biometrischen Anwendungsprogrammier-Schnittstelle (BioAPI)
ISBN978 0 580 64462 7
File Size384.2 KB

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