BS 7594:2011 - Code of practice for audio-frequency induction-loop systems (AFILS)
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BS 7594:2011

Code of practice for audio-frequency induction-loop systems (AFILS)

Status : Current   Published : September 2011



Standard NumberBS 7594:2011
TitleCode of practice for audio-frequency induction-loop systems (AFILS)
Publication Date30 September 2011
Cross ReferencesBS EN 60065, BS EN 60118-4:2006, IEC 60118-4:2006, BS EN 61672-1:2003, IEC 61672-1:2003, BS EN 62489-1, IEC 62489-1, BS 7671, BS 6004, BS 6500, BS 6651:1999, BS 6840-1:1987, IEC 60268-1:1985, BS EN 50049-1, BS 6552, BS EN 60118-1, IEC 60118-1, BS EN 60228:2005, BS 6840-10, IEC 60268-10, BS EN 60268-16, DEF STAN 61-12-6, Equality Act 2010
ReplacesBS 7594:1993
Draft Superseded By10/30178822 DC
DescriptorsMicrophones, Electrical equipment, Design, Marking, Safety measures, Graphic symbols, Audio-frequency induction-loop systems, Electrical impedance, Aids for the disabled, Electronic equipment and components, Design calculations, Audiofrequencies, Maintenance, Formulae (mathematics), Commissioning, Amplifiers, Purchasing, Communication cables, Electric cables, Instructions for use, Buildings, Receivers, Preamplifiers, Installation, Circuits, Electromagnetic compatibility, Signal-to-noise ratio, Hearing aids, Symbols, Magnetic circuits, Electric wiring systems
Title in FrenchCode de pratique des systèmes à audio-fréquence à boucle d'induction
Title in GermanAnleitung fuer die Praxis der mit Tonfrequenz betriebenen Induktionsschleifenanlagen
ISBN978 0 580 62244 1
File Size5.207 MB

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