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BS EN ISO 1461:2009

Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles. Specifications and test methods

Status : Current, Under review   Published : July 2009



BS EN ISO 1461:2009 Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles. Specifications and test methods

BS EN ISO 1461 has been revised and the new third edition incorporates changes in content to reflect the experience gained in using ISO 1461. It includes a simplification of procedures and presentation.

BS EN ISO 1461 is the key standard for the treatment of iron and steel. It is an indispensable specification for purchasers of hot dip galvanized coatings and for galvanizers.

BS EN ISO 1461 specifies the general properties of coatings and test methods for coatings applied by dipping fabricated iron and steel articles (including certain castings) in a zinc melt (containing not more than 2 % of other metals).

It covers the requirements for hot dip galvanizing baths, information to be supplied by the purchaser, safety and process requirements, acceptance inspection and sampling, and coating properties. 

What’s new in this revised edition of BS EN ISO 1461?

The standard's scope of application has been refined to exclude woven or welded mesh products that are continuously galvanized.

Significant changes to the text include:

  • A definition for weld seepage
  • A definition for zinc melt
  • References to the availability of secondary zinc supply
  • Explanatory notes on coating finish
  • Requirements for sampling and testing have been simplified
  • Additional references for the use of alternative renovation materials and for methods of adhesion testing

Informative on the influence of the basis metal on the hot dip galvanized coatings produced and designfor galvanizing have been moved into the guidance document ISO 14713-2.

It does not apply to the following:

  • Sheet, wire and woven or welded mesh products that are continuously hot dip galvanized
  • Tube and pipe that are hot dip galvanized in automatic plants
  • Hot dip galvanized products (e.g. Fasteners) for which specific standards exist and which might include additional requirements or requirements that are different from those in BS EN ISO 1461
  • After-treatment/over-coating of hot dip galvanized articles is not covered by this standard.

Individual product standards can incorporate BS EN ISO 1461 for the coating by quoting its number.

It can also be incorporated with modifications specific to the product. Different requirements can also be made for galvanized coatings on products intended to meet specific regulatory requirements.

BS EN ISO 1461 does not cover after-treatment/over-coating of hot dip galvanized articles.

Contents of BS EN ISO 1461 include:

  • Scope

  • Normative references

  • Terms and definitions

  • General requirements

  • Hot dip galvanizing bath

  • Information to be supplied by the purchaser

  • Safety

  • Acceptance inspection and sampling

  • Coating properties

  • Appearance

  • Thickness

  • Renovation

  • Adhesion

  • Acceptance criteria

  • Certificate of compliance

  • Information to be supplied

  • Safety and process requirements

  • Renovation of uncoated or damaged areas

  • Determination of thickness

  • Corrosion resistance of hot dip galvanized coatings

  • Bibliography

  • BS EN ISO 1461:2009 replaces BS EN ISO 1461:1999 which has been withdrawn

    Standard NumberBS EN ISO 1461:2009
    TitleHot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles. Specifications and test methods
    StatusCurrent, Under review
    Publication Date31 July 2009
    Confirm Date15 March 2015
    Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
    Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
    ReplacesBS EN ISO 1461:1999
    International RelationshipsEN ISO 1461:2009,ISO 1461:2009
    Draft Superseded By07/30174185 DC
    DescriptorsSteels, Sampling methods, Instructions for use, Gravimetric analysis, Zinc, Coatings, Surface defects, Design, Metal coatings, Ferrous metals, Adhesion tests, Test specimens, Iron, Hot-dip galvanizing, Control samples, Thickness measurement, Specimen preparation, Hot-dip coating, Thickness
    Title in FrenchRevêtements par galvanisation à chaud sur produits finis en fonte et en acier. Spécifications et méthodes d'essai
    Title in GermanDurch Feuerverzinken auf Stahl aufgebrachte Zinküberzüge (Stückverzinken). Anforderungen und Prüfungen
    ISBN978 0 580 61088 2
    File Size727 KB

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