BS EN 60645-6:2010 - Electroacoustics. Audiometric equipment. Instruments for the measurement of otoacoustic emissions

BS EN 60645-6:2010

Electroacoustics. Audiometric equipment. Instruments for the measurement of otoacoustic emissions

Status : Current   Published : February 2010



IEC 60645-6:2009 applies to instruments designed primarily for the measurement of otoacoustic emissions in the human external acoustic meatus evoked by acoustic probe pulses or tones. This standard defines the characteristics to be specified by the manufacturer, lays down performance specifications for two types of instruments and specifies the functions to be provided on these types. IEC 60645-6:2009 describes methods of test to be used for approval testing and guidance on methods for undertaking routine calibration. The purpose of IEC 60645-6:2009 is to ensure that measurements made under comparable test conditions with different instruments complying with the standard will be consistent. Instruments which provide a measurement function not specifically within the scope of the standard shall still comply with any relevant requirements. This standard is not intended to restrict development or incorporation of new features, nor to discourage innovative approaches.

Standard NumberBS EN 60645-6:2010
TitleElectroacoustics. Audiometric equipment. Instruments for the measurement of otoacoustic emissions
Publication Date28 February 2010
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60318-4, EN 60601-1-4, IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-1-4, IEC 60601-1, EN 60601-1, EN 60645-3:2007, EN 60645-1:2001, EN 60601-1-2, GUM:1995, IEC 60318-5, IEC 60645-3:2007, EN 60318-5, IEC 60645-1:2001, EN 60318-4, ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN ISO 389, ISO 389-6
International RelationshipsIEC 60645-6:2009,EN 62041:2003,EN 60645-6:2010
Draft Superseded By07/30173580 DC
DescriptorsProbes, Approval testing, Electrical medical equipment, Acoustic equipment, Acoustic measurement, Audiometry, Performance, Audiology, Calibration, Audiometers, Acoustic signals, Clinical investigation instruments
Title in FrenchElectroacoustique. Appareillage audiométrique. Instruments pour la mesure des émissions otoacoustiques
Title in GermanAkustik. Audiometer. Geräte zur Messung von otoakustischen Emissionen
ISBN978 0 580 60925 1
File Size918 KB

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