A Handbook for Sustainable Development. A companion to BS 8900 'Guidance for managing sustainable development'

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BIP 2135:2007

A Handbook for Sustainable Development. A companion to BS 8900 'Guidance for managing sustainable development'

Status : Current   Published : March 2008


A Handbook for Sustainable Development

David Jackman, The Ethics Foundation

This is a companion guide to the British Standard BS 8900 ‘Guidance for Managing Sustainable Development’  published in 2006.

This handbook is written for organizations that are concerned with managing their impact on society and the environment more effectively.

One of the most significant issues businesses face is the need for co-operation and direction in facing the global implications of climate change and diminishing resources. BS  8900, Guidance for managing sustainable development provides a road map to help all organizations work towards sustainable outcomes.

The handbook explores how principle-based standards can work, starting by focusing on outcomes. It focuses on practical examples of how difficult issues involving values, principles and ethics can be addressed, and changes implemented in organizations and businesses, to help enhance organizational performance and success.

This publication also gives an approach to defining a set of criteria or value judgements about what is important, and what practices or activities should be avoided.

Standards such as BS 8900 may also have an increasing role in bridging the gap between statutes or regulations and informal industry codes. This has growing importance, as over-regulation is recognized as counterproductive, so standards have value in facilitating deregulation, buttressing voluntary good practice and providing stakeholder reassurance. Finally, ‘softer’ frameworks, encouraging greater engagement, may also have a role in developing local communities and even in strengthening and maturing our decision-making processes at all levels.Download the sample page bip 2135:2007 





  • Introduction
  • Business case and main themes
  • Where to start?  Outcomes and principles
  • Identifying issues and stakeholder engagement
  • Embedding a culture of sustainability
  • Putting sustainable development into practice – key management issues
  • Building trust and confidence
  • The way forward
  • Conclusion

This handbook is designed to make it easier for organizations of all types and sizes to understand and begin to come to terms with the implications of a sustainable future.

It provides a framework to rationalize existing work. Every effort has been made to avoid confusing jargon and overly technical detail, although many will find that they are led down avenues which require further material.

The format follows the structure of the British Standard, with case studies and examples inserted to illustrate good practice. BS 8900 is a guidance standard and cannot be used to obtain certification. This is deliberate, to provide an overview which allows organizations to find their way into sustainable development and to navigate successfully. Subsequent, more specific standards, which can be used to obtain certification, are being produced, which will include coverage of:

  • Sustainable events management
  • Food and farming
  • Procurement
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Sustainable communities

Available as an A4 loose-leaf with binder.

To purchase a copy of the British Standard for sustainability - BS 8900:2006 Guidance for managing sustainable development - visit www.bsigroup.com/bs8900

Standard NumberBIP 2135:2007
TitleA Handbook for Sustainable Development. A companion to BS 8900 'Guidance for managing sustainable development'
Titles in this kitBIP 2135: HBK SUSTAINABLE DEVPMT INSERTS A Handbook for Sustainable Development: A companion to BS 8900 'Guidance for managing sustainable development'

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Publication Date10 March 2008
DescriptorsManagement, Sustainable development, Economic development, Environmental management, Organizations, Enterprises, Commerce, People, Personnel, Conditions of employment Environment
ISBN978 0 580 60728 8
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