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BIP 2149

Managing risk and resilience in the supply chain

Status : Current   Published : May 2008



Helping you manage the supply chain strategy – from raw materials to finished goods.

Managing Risk and Resilience in the Supply Chain

David Kaye

This book is an invaluable  resource for any business or organization that depends on outsourced supply and delivery chains.

It takes a practical approach to managing risk and resilience, to guide you through the minefield associated with the supply chain, in order to shape a suitable management strategy.

It takes a close look at how the various parties involved manage the agendas necessary to implement a risk strategy.

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This publication looks at the ways that supply chains can fail,  either suddenly or gradually, over a period of time.  It discusses the opportunities, and analyzes the  threats, in order to gain an understanding of the strategic risk and management of supply chains.

A diverse supply chain can be a way to spread the level of risk, but it can also create potentially disruptive vulnerabilities. Getting the balance right will make for a successful supply chain and reduced risk.

Modern supply chain management is more than subcontracting. It can mean passing over a crucial part of the organization to a third party. It doesn’t only pass to outsiders the responsibility to deliver on time and in the expected quality. Increasingly organizations are replacing their own people, technology, intellectual assets and other crucial elements of their business to outsiders.

Crucial dependencies may involve the brand value, intellectual assets, people skills, tools and software.

What does the book offer?

  • Clearly laid out chapters focus on the key topics so information is easy-to-understand and apply
  • Case studies and examples illustrate the risks and highlight the importance of a risk strategy
  • The special risk features of managing the supply chain project are identified
  • An overview of the principles of project management is included
  • The challenges and opportunities of risk-managing the supply chain are addressed
  • Some of the myths and realities surrounding common risk opportunities, defences and tools, including insurance, litigation and product recalls, are examined.

Contents of the guide to managing supply chain risk include

  • Introduction
  • Risk management and modern day business models
  • Risk management, supply chain management and bringing the two together as supply chain risk management
  • The special risk features of the supply chain project
  • Risk managing a supply chain dependency or dependencies
  • Dependencies outsourced
  • Myths and realities
  • Business continuity – both a science and an art
  • Third-party relationship management
  • Benchmarking and gaining of confidence
  • BS and ISO standards
  • Selection of corporate governance and trade
    compliance requirements
  • Examples of other standards
  • Further reading

Who would find this book of interest?

  • Any businesses or organization that depends on outsourced supply and delivery chains
  • Risk management and business students
  • Risk and continuity managers
  • Compliance managers
  • Operational managers
  • Board and non-executive
  • Directors
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Consultants
  • Business auditors
  • Supply chain managers
  • Health and safety managers
  • Financial controllers
  • Account managers
  • Design engineers
  • Delivery chain purchasing managers.

About the Author

David Kaye is a lecturer and workshop leader on risk management and continuity subjects and guides a wide range of companies and public sector organizations around the world, including Europe, the Caribbean and the Far East.

He is the Institute of Risk Management’s lead examiner on business continuity, and has authored articles and books on the subjects of Operational Risk Management and Risk Management Approach to Business Continuity.

The author was also involved with the development of the British Standard BS 25999 on business continuity.

Read Jan Husdal's review of this book on the gateway to supply chain risk research and literature website.

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Achieving ISO/IEC 20000. Managing End-to-end Service

Standard NumberBIP 2149
TitleManaging risk and resilience in the supply chain
Publication Date07 May 2008
DescriptorsSupply and demand, Economic processes, Commerce, Risk analysis, Business continuity, Analysis Quality and Management
ISBN978 0 580 60726 4
File Size2.216 MB

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