BS 7000-1 Design management systems. Guide to managing innovation

BS 7000-1:2008

Design management systems. Guide to managing innovation

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : April 2008



BS 7000-1:2008
Design management systems. Guide to managing innovation

Organizations that evolve a framework for long-term innovation react faster to threats or surprises, are more likely to take effective action, and are better at sustaining the momentum of change. As such, they are more likely to succeed.

BS 7000-1 enables organizations to plan products, services and processes a significant time into the future: at least a generation after the generation currently under development.

Innovation can occur in all parts of an organization, throughout the value chain, and at all stages of product/service lifecycles: research; design; manufacture; distribution and marketing; servicing; maintenance; withdrawal; and the eventual disposal and recycling of products.

BS 7000-1 gives guidance on managing innovation, specifically the design and development of innovative and competitive products that satisfy customers’ perceived needs and aspirations in the long-term future.

BS 7000-1 takes the form of guidance and recommendations, covering the total experience and benefits of innovating, as well as the application of general principles and techniques to the management of innovation. It applies to all types of organizations (especially small and medium-size enterprises that seek to grow) in manufacturing, process, service and construction industries as well as in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

BS 7000-1 provides guidance on:

  • Innovation, newness and the basics of innovation management
  • Managing innovation at the organization level
  • Operating the innovation management framework
  • Tools and techniques for managing innovation.

BS 7000-1 also complements BS EN ISO 9001. Innovation is critical to sustaining customer satisfaction over the longer term, and considerable skill is required to design quality into products, services and processes.

This revision incorporates many suggestions from users and non-users to make the standard more accessible and immediately useful. It provides a richer language and framework of issues and procedures that organizations, especially those that are new, small or relative novices at innovation, can adopt to upgrade their innovative performance then use as the basis of collaborative initiatives with suitable partners to promote innovation.

Standard NumberBS 7000-1:2008
TitleDesign management systems. Guide to managing innovation
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date30 April 2008
Confirm Date01 May 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS ISO 10007:2017, BS 7000-10, BS EN ISO 9000, BS 4778-3.1, BS 4778-3.2, BS 3811, BS 6079
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 7000-3, BS EN ISO 14004:1997, BS 7000-6, ISO/IEC DIS 12207-1, PAS 11000, BS 31100, BS EN ISO 14001:1997, BS 7000-4, BS 7000-2, BS IEC 62198, BS 25999-2, BS EN ISO 14040:1997, BS EN 61160:2005, BS 7373-3:2005, BS EN ISO 9001:2000, BS 7373-2:2001
ReplacesBS 7000-1:1999
Draft Superseded By07/30164294 DC
DescriptorsRisk assessment, People, Management, Quality assurance, Design, Financial management, Project management, Management operations, Investment return, Operational research, Consumer-supplier relations, Questionnaires, Planning, Systemology, Enterprises, Economics, Product design, Market research, Process charts, Organizations, Problem-solving, Production management, Market structure, Flow charts, Research methods
Title in FrenchSysteme de gestion de la conception. Guide de gestion d'innovation
Title in GermanSysteme fuer Konstruktionsmanagement. Richtlinie zur Managementinnovation
ISBN978 0 580 58704 7
File Size1.302 MB

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