BS EN ISO 13855:2010 - Safety of machinery. Positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the human body – BSI British Standards

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BS EN ISO 13855:2010

Safety of machinery. Positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the human body

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : May 2010



BS EN ISO 13855:2010 Safety of machinery. Positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the human body

BS EN ISO 13855 is an International Standard which establishes the positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the human body.

It specifies parameters based on values for approach speeds of parts of the human body and provides a methodology to determine the minimum distances to a hazard zone from the detection zone or from actuating devices of safeguards.

The values for approach speeds (walking speed and upper limb movement) in BS EN ISO 13855 are time tested and proven in practical experience. BS EN ISO 13855 gives guidance for typical approaches. Other types of approach, for example running, jumping or falling, are not considered in BS EN ISO 13855.

Safeguards considered in BS EN ISO 13855 include:

a) electro-sensitive protective equipment [see IEC 61496 (all parts)], including:

Light curtains and light grids (AOPDs)
Laser scanners (AOPDDRs) and two-dimensional vision systems

b) pressure-sensitive protective equipment (see ISO 13856-1, ISO 13856-2 and ISO 13856-3), especially pressure-sensitive mats

c) two-hand control devices

d) Interlocking guards without guard locking.

BS EN ISO 13855 specifies minimum distances from the detection zone, plane, line, point or interlocking guard access point to the hazard zone for hazards caused by the machine (e.g. crushing, shearing, drawing-in). Protection against the risks from hazards arising from the ejection of solid or fluid materials, emissions, radiation and electricity are not covered by this International Standard.

Contents of BS EN ISO 13855:

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms, definitions, symbols and abbreviated terms
3.1 Terms and definitions
3.2 Symbols and abbreviated terms
4 Methodology
5 General equation for the calculation of the overall system stopping performance and minimum distances
5.1 Overall system stopping performance
5.2 Minimum distance
6 Calculation of minimum distances for electro-sensitive protective equipment employing active opto-electronic protective systems
6.1 General
6.2 Detection zone orthogonal to the direction of approach
6.3 Detection zone parallel to the direction of approach
6.4 Detection zone angled to the direction of approach
6.5 Addressing possible circumventing of electro-sensitive protective equipment by reaching over the detection zone
6.6 Indirect approach — Path from detection zone to hazard zone restricted by obstacles
7 Method of calculating the positioning of pressure-sensitive mats or floors
7.1 General
7.2 Step mounting
8 Two-hand control devices
9 Interlocking guards without guard locking
Annex A (informative) Worked examples
Annex B (informative) Termination of hazardous machine functions
Annex C (informative) Example for considering indirect approaches
Annex D (informative) Measurement and calculation of overall system stopping performance
Annex E (informative) Number of beams and their height above the reference plane


Standard NumberBS EN ISO 13855:2010
TitleSafety of machinery. Positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the human body
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date31 May 2010
Confirm Date04 November 2015
Cross ReferencesISO 12100-1, ISO 13857:2008, ISO 14121-1:2007, IEC 61496-1:2004, ISO 11161, ISO 12100-2:2003, ISO 13849-1:2006, ISO 13849-2, ISO 13851, ISO 13854, ISO 13856-1, ISO 13856-2, ISO 13856-3, ISO 14119, ISO 14120:2002, ISO 15534-1, ISO 15534-2, ISO 15534-3, IEC 61496-2, IEC 61496-3, IEC/TR 61496-4, IEC/TS 62046:2008, IEC 62061, EN 12203, EN 12453, 2006/42/EC
ReplacesBS EN 999:1998+A1:2008
International RelationshipsEN ISO 13855 (ISO 13855:2010),ISO 13855:2010
Draft Superseded By08/30160693 DC
DescriptorsDetectors, Safety measures, Control devices, Human body, Machine guards, Hands (anatomy), Equipment safety, Occupational safety, Angles (geometry), Velocity, Safety devices, Formulae (mathematics), Position, Actuators, Design calculations, Arms, Length, Optoelectronic devices, Height
Title in FrenchSécurité des machines. Positionnement des moyens de protection par rapport à la vitesse d'approche des parties du corps
Title in GermanSicherheit von Maschinen. Anordnung von Schutzeinrichtungen im Hinblick auf Annäherungsgeschwindigkeiten von Körperteilen
ISBN978 0 580 58218 9
File Size1.639 MB

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