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BS EN 50504:2008

Validation of arc welding equipment

Status : Current, Superseded   Published : January 2009 Replaced By : BS EN IEC 60974-14:2018



BS EN 50504 Validation of arc welding equipment specifies validation methods for arc welding equipment constructed and used to the accuracy specified in BS EN 60974-1 or other equivalent standards

BS EN 50504 applies to:

  • Arc welding power sources
  • wire feeders
  • welding instrumentation.

BS EN 50504 is not applicable to arc striking and stabilizing device. Calibration, verification and validation of equipment for other welding processes and ancillary equipment which may affect the quality of the weld, e.g. flow gauges, thermocouples, robots and manipulators are given in EN ISO 17662.

Contents of BS EN 50504:2008

Normative references
Terms and definitions
Validation accuracies
Frequency of validation and calibration
Validators of welding equipment
Manual metal arc welding with covered electrodes
Tungsten inert gas
Metal inert/active gas and flux cored arc welding
Auxiliary components
Validation techniques 
Safety precautions
Power source loads
Validation labels and certificates 
Validation labels
Validation certificate
Accuracies for precision grade power sources
Wire feed equipment
Validation accuracies
Requirements for validation
Slope, pulse and synergic controls
Validation accuracy
Requirements for validation 
Pulsed MIG and synergic controls
Precautions to be taken with TIG welding equipment
Validation of ancillary components in a welding system
Voltage drops in the welding circuit
Validation accuracies for standard grade power sources
Validation accuracies for precision grade power sources 
Validation accuracies for wire feed equipment
Voltage drop in copper and aluminium welding cables at normal and elevated temperatures



Standard NumberBS EN 50504:2008
TitleValidation of arc welding equipment
StatusCurrent, Superseded
Publication Date31 January 2009
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60974-1, EN 60051-1:1998, EN ISO 17662, EN 60974-1, ISO 17662, IEC 60051-1:1997, BS EN IEC 60974-1:2018, IEC 60974-1:2017, EN IEC 60974-1:2018
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 60974-5, IEC 62081, CLC/TS 62081, IEC 60974-5
Replaced ByBS EN IEC 60974-14:2018
ReplacesBS 7570:2000
International RelationshipsEN 50504:2008,CISPR 16-2-3:2010/AMD1:2010
Draft Superseded By06/30160338 DC08/30189237 DC
DescriptorsArc welding, ARC WELDING EQUIPMENT, Verification, Quality, Approval testing, Marking, Accuracy, Gas tungsten-arc welding, Instruments, Welding equipment, Certification (approval), Certificates of conformity, Electric power systems, Testing conditions, Calibration
Title in FrenchValidation du matériel de soudage à l'arc
Title in GermanValidierung von Lichtbogenschweißeinrichtungen
ISBN978 0 580 58174 8
File Size392 KB
NotesThis standard was withdrawn but has now been reinstated as superseded but remaining current

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